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Lee actually BLOGS

April 13, 2010

Well, WTF. (Why am I starting all my posts with “well”? XD) Clock’s barely nine, it’s not even dark outside my window, and I’m tired. Damn Non-24.

Today I spent some time outside… sunbathing. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful that felt, to finally be able to do that. I don’t even wanna get a tan (I’m all for the porcelain white skin), I just did it for the sake of actually being able to without freezing to death. XD

I’ve also been listening to Natural ni Koishite on repeat for two days now. ^^’ I just can’t get enough of that song. XD

Now, however, I’m listening to the Chinese version of Momusu’s Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou?. It’s such a wonderful song, and one of the few I really love in that language. Normally, Chinese (or Cantonese or Mandarin or whatever it is xD) just gives me a headache. ^^’ And Dad’s hinted at going to Hong Kong Disneyland, of all the Disney parks all over the world. XD Not only is the language hideous (yeah, Junjun, Linlin and Ice Creamusume, I still love you, though xD), but it’s also the smallest of all the parks. Isn’t Disneyland Paris closer, anyway? Although I suppose Hong Kong might be cheaper. As well as it being on the way to the Philippines which, yanno, Dad, his wife and my siblings have a really good reason to go to. x) Although I’m not complaining. I’d be lucky if I get to go to any Disney park once in my poor life (^^’), so I can’t afford to be picky.

… Doesn’t stop me from wishing we could go to Tokyo Disneyland, though. That would be so very epic. ❤ Then maybe I’d meet Tsuji Nozomi or Niigaki Risa, since they go there pretty often, I’ve heard. 8D Then again, if I went to Japan, I’d just end up seeing my idols everywhere like I did when I was in London… except it wasn’t them at all. XD I just had to look twice at every blonde just in case it happened to be Jo Rowling… like there actually wasn’t a one in a million chance, that of randomly bumping into her. ^^’ But hey. I’m convinced my vivid imagination will be of use some day. ^_^

Today I also browsed through Nono’s blog. (I don’t understand much, so I usually just looks at the pretty pictures. ^^) Then I saw this photo, and my world fell apart for a few minutes. Had Nono cut off her beautiful long hair?! =O But then I kept looking… And then I noticed that her hair kept switching from long to short… First I thought she used old pictures, but that didn’t make any sense, since this girl takes more pictures than she posts updates at her blog, which is saying something. XD Then I realised she probably have extensions, and that she never had long hair to begin with. Silly me. ^^’ But now I’m really starting to like short-haired Nono. 😀 And! This means that I have two people to compete with on who grows their hair out the fastest; Nono and Usagi-chan/Miyuu! Required, of course, that they plan on growing out their hair, but I really hope so. Especially when it comes to Usagi-chan. I really miss her long hair. And, I need their “support” if I’m gonna live through this and not cut mine off again. XD

I really need to try out some of Nono’s hairstyles now, though. I mean, since she’s already my main inspiration when it comes to clothes and makeup these days, why not go for the hair as well?

Hm… who’d have thought I’d end up as a gyaru? XD A gyaru with dark hair, sure, but I know that’s not totally unheard of. 🙂

Recently, I discovered THIS place. I’ve been “flipping” endlessly through the ageha magazines for hours, and I bloody love every moment. It’s all so pretty. ❤

Hm. WordPress. It makes me like blogging. I like WordPress. 8D

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