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I’m Up!

April 14, 2010

… After just about six hours of sleep. -_-

Although I’m not tired at all! So I suppose that’s all good.

Brrr… My hands are really cold. They always are, but I don’t always feel it, but this morning it’s horrible. I have such poor circulation, I sometimes wear my furry gloves inside. ^^’ But when typing, like now, it gets inconvenient, and ends up with me getting pissed on not being able to write properly. Then I take the gloves off, and instead end up getting distracted by thinking how nice it would be to go dip my hands in boiling water. XD

Today I’m going to try and dub a bit. I need to do Reina’s and Junjun’s lines in Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai for this super-awesome, mega-epic big girlgroup-dub. ^_^ We’re actually going to sing it with Morning Musume, like, it’s gonna be mixed with the actual song and not the instrumental. Awesomeness.

Write more later! (Never did I think the day would come when I would write such a thing on a blog. XD) See ya! ^_^

P.S. Somebody please buy these for me. ❤

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