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April 15, 2010

Hiya, all! This is Sorano Hoshiko aka Sailor Sedna hogging Mari-chan’s blogg for the morning. She’s been thinking about letting her fanfiction characters be guests on her blog from time to time, because we keep blabbing about in her head so much. ^_^ She doesn’t seem to realise just how impossible it is to shut up when it’s so crowded in there. Seriously, she needs to stop coming up with so many characters… Just kidding! ^^’ I’m glad she does, because I wouldn’t exist otherwise. 😛

The picture above is me as a Pokémon trainer! ^_^ I love Pokémon, even if I don’t have so much time to play, and aren’t very good at it either. ^^’ And the Gaadi is kinda supposed to be Zareb. ^^’ Don’t tell him that, though. XD

Lately, a lot has happened in the fanfiction I’m in, The Story of a Sailor Senshi, or TSoaSS for short. First up, the most depressing one, is that me and my boyfriend Zoi isn’t on very good terms right now. ; _ ; It kinda makes me want to cry, but I try my best to think of other things, because I need to be concentrated when it comes to fighting our enemies. Not that I’m succeeding, I did a really lousy job at it last time. -_- Didn’t help that Zoi had to show up and try to be all helpful. I just don’t know what to think of him anymore, that’s all. But I still love him, and that, I think, is the hardest part. It doesn’t help that Zareb tries to play concerned. Even though I’m happy that he cares enough to do so, it just isn’t very convincing, and I know he’d rather me and Zoi broke up.

… Baka Mamoru-san for making things so difficult. I’m sorry I’m rude now, but if it weren’t for him breaking up with Usagi-chan and being all stubborn and refusing to explain anything as to why, nothing of all this would’ve happened.

Yeah, it feels better blaming Mamoru-san than Zoi’s thick-headed-ness. -_-

On a happier note, recently we (well, Rei-chan did most of the work, I suppose) managed to make Koan see reason and join the good side. 😀 Usagi-chan made her human, and now she’s working in a cosmetics store and hanging out with us. Zareb really seems to get along with her, even though they seem to get on each other’s nerves a lot. But they kinda do it in a good way.

Hopefully now, when Koan’s in a merrier company, she can get over that Kurenai no Rubeus-fellow. Poor girl, unrequited  love isn’t fun. And he was horrible to her too, asking her to kill herself to defeat us Senshi! If it comes to a battle, I’d really like to take him down, even though I’m not sure I’ll be able to, seeing as how he almost defeated Usagi-chan. I’m definitely not liking how our enemies are getting stronger and stronger at a much faster pace than we Senshi seem to do.

Bleh, all I do is end up talking about fighting. >_< So here’s something; recently Usagi-chan borrowed me a manga about none other than Sailor V! It’s based on Minako-chan, or who she used to be anyway, although the mangaka don’t know that, of course. ^^’ I have a bit of a hard time picturing Minako-chan bouncing around like the ditsy girl in the manga does though, although admittedly Minako-chan has her moments as well. ^_^

Recently, I’ve been reading Nail Up! a lot. It’s such an awesome magazine, and I just love trying out all the different designs with my phone! I have to be really careful to take them off before I get home or to school or see Mama, Yori-chan or Michiru-san though, so that they don’t see that I change nails about once a day. ^_^’

Here’s my nails at the moment:

I wonder if Mama is precognitive, since she named me “Hoshiko”… ^^’

I asked Zareb to take the picture, and he was all “put it on a white background, it will show off the colours the best!” You can tell that photographer is the only job he’d like to have, ne? ^_^

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