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Princess Princess

April 15, 2010

Ahaha, did you live through Sora-chan’s post? ^^’ I’m not mad, I promise, I have a few friends who does things like that too. At least I haven’t given Sora-chan her own blog yet… even though Zareb’s got one. ^^’ Although it hasn’t been updated in… about a year, I think… So yeah. XD I guess he’s got a lot on his hands/paws. XD Or his writer does, anyway. ^^’

I just finished watching the anime Princess Princess!

Bow down to the awesomeness that is Yuu-chan! <333 ^_^ (The blond, that is.)

… And yes, blond without the “e” at the end. They’re all guys, you see. ^_^ And I need to find myself some more good yaoi, because this was one of the most gorgeous things I’ve ever seen. ^^ I’m gonna have to read the manga too. And if only those episodes of the dorama would load a bit faster, I could get around to watch those as well.

I totally think Yuu-chan is Nikaidou-sensei from Shugo Chara!’s son though. They both have long, reddish hair (Yuu-chan does, in the anime at least, although the picture above kinda seems to lighten the character’s hair a bit so you can’t tell). They both have extremely sexy voices one minute, and the next they sound adorable (although Nikaidou does it when he wants to play the nice guy… though he’s fooling no one… and Yuu-chan does it when he plays all girly). And finally, they both are totally hot when they are evil, although Nikaidou is evil on a whole other level than Yuu-chan, admittedly. ^^’

Another fun fact; all the Princesses’ seiyuus have had small roles in Pokémon. 8D Plus Mikoto’s seiyuu have played Leonardo in the Japanese dub of TMNT. I LOL’d at that, ’cause I can’t really imagine his voice on serious Leo. XD *hardcore TMNT fangirl*

Overall, the anime kinda reminds me a bit of Ouran, except that it’s guys dressing up as girls and not the other way around… ^_^ Still awesome.

Oh well. I caught a Scyther today at the Bug Catching Contest in SoulSilver. Thought for sure I was gonna win, but then some stupid little Bug Catcher went and hogged the spotlight with a bloody Caterpie. Seriously. -_- I thought that was just what people said, not something that could actually happen. I want a Water Stone, damn it. My little Eevee wants to evolve.

Really, though. How can this…

… win over this… ?

And why is Scyther’s picture so damn small, when it’s about twenty times the size of that little worm? >_>

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