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Victory of the Daleks

April 18, 2010

What a title for a blog post… >_<

Anyway! Here comes my long, epic review of the latest Doctor Who episode, far away from the menace that is BDB. >D

Let the review BEGIN! And warning for SPOILERS, wall of text, randomness, and… well, you know. The usual. x)

I wonder what Churchill is smoking…? Sorry, let me rephrase that. XD I wonder if he’s smoking a real cigar, or if it’s one of those pretend thingies they use in movies/theatre? ^^’

And the guy who plays Churchill is awesome. I love his voice for some reason. It’s so… well, I don’t know, just sorta fits someone working all days and nights saving a country. ^^


OMG, no TARDIS key for you! =O You might’ve saved all of Britain, but that is so off limits it’s not even funny.

I kinda haven’t noticed before, or at least I haven’t brought it up, but that sticker on the door of the TARDIS is the same as the First Doctor had, although it looks newer. I think I liked the box better without it, although I’m not gonna go so far as to criticise a sticker. XD I’m okay with the sticker. Much more than that ugly excuse for a screwdriver.

“So you’ve changed your face again?” Well, that was zero reaction from Amy. -_- Couldn’t I at least have gotten a bit of a confused wrinkle of the eyebrows, or something? Or am I to believe she thinks the Doc is someone who’d go for plastic surgery?

Haha, I love how Churchill hands over his walking stick to the Doc, and he just takes it, and they’re all buddy-buddy and stuff. XD

I’m incredibly amused by the Doc’s waving at the cigar smoke for some reason. Perhaps because I’d have done it too. XD


I find this shot really spooky and threatening, for some reason. Like impending doom. It reminds me of those kinda shots in Pirates of the Caribbean and The Last Samurai where the enemy first is like one boat/horse, and then more and more comes and forms this great big line. Those scenes always gives me the creeps.

DUN-DUN-DUN, DALEK. SO COLOURLESS. Guess they make up for that later though. XD

Weei, the Union Jack on the Dalek! I kinda like it. 8D And the little bags on top of their “horns”, or whatever those are.

You know, every time they went “I am your sol-dier!” I kept thinking of the Second Doctor’s first story The Power of the Daleks. In it, they kept going “I am your ser-vant!” and they make coffee, not tea. While I’d prefer tea, I do like the “servant” better. ^^

Ironsides, pfff. Was that the best they could come up with? I mean, presuming it was the Daleks that used Bracewell to name them that, they came up with it on their own. Thought they’d go with something like “the Invincibles” or summat. I’m impressed by their modesty. XD

Let me just get this out; Amy has awesome legs. There. I said it, I can move on now. I feel better. XD

WHY DOESN’T AMY KNOW ABOUT THE DALEKS? WHY DOESN’T AMY KNOW ABOUT THE DALEKS? NEED. TO. KNOW. TELL ME. GAH. Is she just thick like Donna (sorry, you know I love my redheads XD), or has someone been in her head, or what? I going insane from not knowing here.

She hit a Dalek, though. Just like that. XD I feel bad for liking that, when I’m so against what happens later… ^^’

Ian McNeice. He’s awesome. ‘Nuff said.

“Would you care for some tea?” ROFL. XD

Here we go again. -_- Not even the Ninth Doctor were this angry. And then the Tenth came along, and I loved him so much because he didn’t have to shout and be angry to get his point across. I admire people who don’t need to raise their voices , I always think it’s more impressive if they manage to intimidate while being calm and just… I don’t know, threatening? Staring your enemy down, laughing at them, slowly making them uncertain by being so at ease around them, that’s how my Doctor does it. That’s how I’d like to do it, rather than shouting myself hoarse. It’s how most of my favourite characters from any fandom does it, both good and evil. This thing the Eleventh does just seems kinda… almost childish. It makes him vulnerable in some way. And when the Doctor is that, things aren’t right, and it scares me. Not even the silly karate kick brightens me up here, ’cause I just sit there pathetically missing DoctorDavid more than ever before. What was it I said last week on BDB? “After all he went through as the Tenth, something was bound to click in his head and maybe… make him desperate not to have any of that stuff happen again? And then when it goes and does anyway, he feels sad and angry at just about everything.” Yeah. That doesn’t even apply to this situation, so it just makes it worse. -_-

I still love Amy’s wide-eyed-ness though. I used to hate myself whenever I did it, thinking it looked so stupid, but perhaps it doesn’t after all. ^_^

When the Dalek shot of Bracewell’s arm. That looked so well done, I was blown away. ❤ It was very unexpected too, that he was an android. I was theorising on them doing something with his memory or whatever, and that they might’ve done the same to Amy, and yadda, yadda. Although I was puzzled, ’cause the Daleks aren’t really mind meddlers, or whatever you should call what the Doctor does. ^^’

*is distracted by the pretty colours the Progenitor flashes* *_*

I noticed that when the TARDIS de-materialised away to the Dalek ship, Amy’s hair was blowing away, but Churchill’s cigar smoke wasn’t. ^^’

I feel horribly uneducated again, but what does the “R” on that guys helmet stand for? All I can think about is Team Rocket. *is shot* x)

ROFL COOKIE. X”D Now this is the Doctor. ❤

I wonder what Jack is doing right now. Maybe he’s sitting there in his invisible ship by the Big Ben, talking frantically to that voice thingy and trying to get all the lights out. ❤ He should so fly up to that Dalek ship and help the Doc… even if, you know, what would so be crossing his timeline. XD

I LIKE THE RED ONE. I WANNA DRIVE IT AROUND IN TOWN AND PLAY EXTERMINATE REGENERATE BY CHAMELEON CIRCUIT WHILE I DO IT. 8D The yellow one is ugly though. Looks fat. Aside from that, they all look amazing. Sort of… brilliantly unreal, like they are made in the computer, but at the same time very real. Hard to explain, but I get the chills. ❤ Love the new eye stalk too.

Both Ian McNeice and Bill Paterson does such good acting. I mean, of course everyone else does to, particularly Amy and the Doc, but they’re always there, if you know what I mean. For an actor to just come in and do one episode and do it so well is really impressive, I think.

I love how Amy goes all technical. Or tries to, anyway. XD

Oh my. Am I the only one finding the white Dalek’s voice absolutely terrifying?

Daleks killing Daleks. Okay, now that freaked me out. Sort of one of those moment where you go: “Oh… This is really, really bad. Now they’re really menacing and dangerous.” And when Daleks somehow gets even more dangerous than they already are, then it’s scary.

“It’s a Jammy Dodger, but I was promised tea!” ROFL. XD



Psh, Team Rocket helmet. XD

“Do your worst, Adolf!” Bwahaaha. Gotta love that. 8D

That big screen in the TARDIS is cool.

Aw, that choice. Here I went all “OMG, I HAVE NO IDEA HOW DOCTOR WHO WORKS/PLEASE DON’T BLOW UP MY PLANET!” As if the Doctor would ever. ❤ Again with my mind completely going blank while watching the episodes. XD

I suddenly thought of Bannakaffalatta when the Doc opened Bracewell’s stomach or whatever he did. (Ugh, that sounds grose. >_<) I miss Bannakaffalatta. Makes me wanna watch Voyage of the Damned again. ❤

I love the Doc’s sound effects. XD

Oh, Amy. ❤ Never thought I’d like another companions as much as I like Donna, but you’re well on your way there, I tell ya. Even if “love conquers all” is so extremely cheesy and Sailor Moon, it never gets old, and I love you for bringing it up like you did. And she’d know what she’s talking about, about to fall in love with the Doc and all. (Well, probably. They’ll kiss, anyway.) ^_^ And what a name… “Dorabella”. XD I was like… “wut?” x)

Aw, he kissed her on the forehead. ❤ So sweet. ^_^

Not too shabby. Not at all. ❤ LOL, have a cigar. XD I love how he looks sort of like a sad puppy though. Sometimes, Matt just pulls off those perfect faces for the Doctor in a special situation. ❤

The birds flying by the Union Jack. Was that done in the computer, were they trained, or was it just really lucky timing? Were the birds Doctor Who fans, maybe? 8D

OMG, TARDIS key. The Doctor actually choked on his tea. XD I bloody love it. ❤

Doctor: *death glare of DOOM*

Totally feeling the love here. ❤ Loving the Doc's crooked smile too. ^_^

Hm. I wonder why the Doc doesn’t want Amy to have the key? I was so sure this would be that very special moment (even though Donna totally ruined hers XD), but it wasn’t! He took it back. Haven’t Amy proved herself enough already? =O Weirdness.

Does all Scottish persons pronounce “Dalek” that weirdly as Karen and Bill Paterson does, or is it just them? I’m sure I’ve heard David say “Dalek” in his accent some time, and I’ve never reacted before. Hm.

Aaww, Bracewell’s smile when he figured out what they were on about. ❤ It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. ^__^

Yes, Amy. You should. And the Doc needs to hurry up with figuring out why she doesn’t, before I go mad with curiosity.

OOOH, CRACK. Was there any Magpie in this episode though? Except for the little telly in the TARDIS? I didn’t see any, then again, I might be unobservant or summat.


WEEEIII, RIVER <333 Judging from Amy’s clothing, it is in this episode or the next that Amy will kiss the Doc. Wonder how River will take that, if she’s around to watch?

… eh, that’s it. I can’t bring myself to talk about anything else in that trailer. O_O Just… don’t blink. Oh, I don’t like this. I don’t like this at all. If it weren’t… you know… Doctor Who, with River and kissing in it, I wouldn’t watch. >_<


So, I wonder. Will this ugly computer game be available to download for those who live outside Britain? Probably not. -_-

Here's a good way to end the review. DoctorMatt in DoctorDavid's glasses. 8D

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