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I’m on a roll here, yo.

April 19, 2010

… with blogging, I mean. But all these exiting, nerdy news just spring at me today. 8D I love, love, love when that happens. 😀

It looks so awesome. Can you imagine walking in between those skyscrapers too? My gawd. <333

Although, although, although! I really hope you’ll be able to walk with your Pokémon in this game too! That’s probably one of my favourite things from HeartGold and SoulSilver!

On another note, if I were in that studio, I’d so want to cuddle with the Lucario. ❤ I don’t care if it’s some old, creepy man inside it. ^^’ It’s Lucario, dude. <333 And I love that purring sound it makes. x)

Oh, and that girls nails. Gief me.

*killz Zoroark’s ponytail and the fact that it doesn’t have a tail* XD

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