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April 19, 2010

THIS. This is why I love River.

Well, honestly, no, I’m not sure why. XD Perhaps ’cause she makes fun of the Doctor and gives us all the opportunity to laugh at him instead if with him for once. Donna had that effect a lot too, you know, and it’s always hilarious. ^_^

Or perhaps (and I might be one of the few who likes this XD) it’s ’cause… this is hard to explain, but… She’s like… so awesome, clever and Doctor-y that I just have to love her, at the same time as I feel the Doctor’s confusion when it comes to her and loves to doubt and dislike her a little, just to be on his side. XD (Dislike, not hate, Johanna. x) And just a little. ^^’)

Eh, I don’t know. XD But I love how she throws her high heels around and are all over the place and just kinda taking everything for granted and stomping over everyone else. x) And making the Doctor look ridiculous. That’s probably the best part, at the same time as it’s the worst. ^^’

And as for that “rule” of never having a character who knows more than the viewer, Doctor Who is full of those. There’s the Doctor, obviously, but there’s also Jack/Face of Boe, Theodora, every Time Lord, Dalek and other alien who’s cleverer than the humans. So there. River is just one among many.

And come on. If they’re gonna take on a whole bunch of Weeping Angels, I’m glad having River there. Someone who’s clever and knows how they work probably almost as good as the Doctor. They need that, damn it. I’m feeling a teeny tiny bit safer with her there, as a matter of fact.

Now, my only question left in this ramble is if this meeting with the Doctor is before or after Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead, or if the future River is actually still stuck inside a computer?

Hm. Confusing timelines. You learn to love them.

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