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On Stranger Tides

April 19, 2010

I’m worried.

Why would they even need an “attractive male lead to entice viewers to theaters” when they’ve got Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow in there? -_- Everyone, even little kiddies, knows Jack Sparrow is awesome, so WTF?

See what I mean? 8D

You know, I have high hopes in this sequel, unlike a lot of other people who are all anti-sequels for some reason. Something about how the first one is always the best and they should’ve stopped there. Watch Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End properly, people. Or take a look at Toy Story 2 (and the trailer for the third, while you’re at it), Lilo & Stitch 2; Stitch has a Glitch/Leroy & Stitch or the Lion King 2. They’re all awesome.

But my point is, if they keep adding lots of characters (I realise they had to have a female in there somewhere, mermaid or not, but they already have Barbossa, Jack and the new enemy Blackbeard), the less time they have for developing the already hugely interesting characters that everyone already know and love.

Please, Disney. Don’t be stupid.

And while I’m all for Johnny Depp loving Jack to death, I hope he doesn’t love him quite so much that he’d go with any script just to get to play him again. I have that trust in him, at least. ‘Cause if someone knows a good, unusual script, it’s him. ❤

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