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Look! A whole list of spoilers! 8D

April 20, 2010

1. When we meet Doctor Song, she’s on the run – but she has an escape plan involving The Doctor.

2. The episode includes the caption “10,000 years later.”

3. There’s a Weeping Angel trapped inside the Byzantium.

4. First mention of “spoilers”? 9 minutes 27 seconds.

5. Amy: “Is River Song **** ****? … “She’s *** ****** from the ******, isn’t she?”

6. There’s a device that harks back to ‘Silence In The Library’. Think “hey, who turned out the lights?”

7. Amy should really learn that too much TV is bad for her eyes.

8. The Doctor. Bites. Amy.

9. River: “I have pictures of *** **** *****.”

10. The cliffhanger isn’t the usual sort of two-parter cliffhanger we’ve grown accustomed to with new Who. Despite being very familiar.

Digital Spy

I love these. Every week I look forward to them. So, now I’m going to comment and guess on each and every one of them. 8D Don’t you just love me? ;D

1. Psh, “Doctor Song”. I approve. 😛 And I told you she was escaping from something. ^^ Well, I did on BDB at least. ^^’

2. Is anyone actually gonna get “killed” by one of the Angels? *shivers* Oh, don’t let it be so. And the only one I can think of surviving that, well, that’s the Doc. Unless they’re throwing some other “timeless” new character in there. Or it’s some other clever thing that I can’t think of since I don’t possess the brilliance that is the Moffat-guy’s mind. ^^’ (I can’t be the only one wishing with all my heart that it would be Jack though, can I? I know it’s not, but still. <3)

3. Oh. There goes that Byzantium again. Well, since it says “the Byzantium”, at least we can assume it’s the ship, and not one of the cities.

4. Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers! Gotta love them! ❤

5. “Is River Song your wife?” … “She’s the missus from the future, isn’t she?” Ehum. Again, I approve. But I wonder if Amy says this before or after she kisses the Doc. XD

6. Oh, so those little devices that held data ghosts are back, maybe? Wait, that would mean that someone will die, right? I mean… Oh, wait. I wonder how a data ghost would work with the Weeping Angels? I mean, since they technically doesn’t really “kill” directly… Hm…

7. Amy has issues keeping her eyes open due to too much telly? ^^’

8. THIS. You know, I wrote that if it weren’t for that it was Doctor Who, had River and kissing in it, then I wouldn’t watch this episode. XD I think I’ll add this to my list of reasons as to why I’ll watch it. x) Holy crap. I kinda hope it isn’t when Amy kisses the Doctor that, ehm, something goes wrong and gets really embarrassing (which it’s bound to do anyway, but yanno XD), although that would be fun too, at the same time. ^^’ Ehm… I’m just laughing my butt off at this, to be honest. I so wanna see this. x)

9. “I have pictures of all your faces.” Well, that would explain a thing or two. And it would mess up a lot of things too. Ehm… Moffat? Whatcha thinking now? ^^’ Also, if that were the case, I wonder where she got them from? I have a hard time picturing (hah, picturing XD) the Doctor keeping a photo album. ^^’

10. Eh? I’m confused. When has Doctor Who ever gotten anyone used to anything? I just think it keeps surprising me in almost cruel, but at the same time wonderful and brilliant, ways. XD

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