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River Drabble

April 20, 2010

Well, that kinda sucks. Eh, so… does River have really bad memory and doesn’t remember which Doctor she started travelling with, but still somehow remembers how every Doctor-picture in her diary looks? Or has someone tampered with her memory on that bit? (The Doctor himself, maybe? =O)

And here I liked my theory of  “the eyes being the window to the soul”, or something, and that that was the way she recognised him.

… Even though, now when I think about it, that wouldn’t work either. XD Argh, this is like trying to figure out how the universe goes on forever. It gives me a headache. x)

The Moffat-guy better come up with a really good explanation for this, yanno.

Oh well. At least Alex Kingston seems to be pretty not-confused about it all, so I hope that means she already has gotten a good explanation from her script. Or she’s acting. I hope not. ^^’

But I love how into it she seems. 8D Like she’s a Whovian or something. Maybe she is. 😀 Hardcore Whovians makes for awesome actors in the show, yanno. Though Matt and Karen are brilliant too. XD

You know, the whole River/Doctor thingie reminds me a bit about The Time Traveler’s Wife. I hope it ends in a happier way, though. *shivers*

But she’s been in prison. >D That is cool. XD Sito will be able to sympathise with her, then. 8D (Hey, I don’t need to shut up about it, do I? It’s my blog. ^_^) I wonder what crimes she’s done, though? She and the Doctor better not go to that planet he and Martha went to in The Infinite Quest, or they’d have some years to spend in there getting on each other’s nervers. ^^’ Then again, that could be fun. ;P Although the Doctor would probably get them out in no time with his sonic… oh, wait. River could do it, she has her own. ;D

Crazy collector, keeping a Weeping Angel though. o.o Now that’s suicidal.

And I like 1940s fashion on River. She’s, like, made for long, pretty dresses. ❤ Glamorous FTW. 8D

ROFL; “I decided what his name is.” Well, now she’ll just about have every River-hating Whovian stomping over her with boots. ^^’ Don’t worry, love. Me and Sito will protect ya. ;P

OH WAIT. If she has the Doctor’s faces in her diary, she knows who will play all his future incarnations! XD I might have to take a peek. 8D Just so that I can start following the actors now and get to know them, so as to not have to feel that panic that I felt when Matt came along and I was like “OMG, who?”

Haha… ^_^”

… Why do I have a feeling not even half of this post makes any sense outside of my head? Gah, Doctor Who. Is there any show out there that makes you think as much? XD

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