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The Sarah Jane Adventures

April 20, 2010

This is epic win. And I don’t even know who Jo Grant is, except for the companion bit. I’m still on the Second Doctor when it comes to the old series/seasons/whatever-you-chose-to-call-those-pre-2005-episodes. ^^’

But so much for the touching farewell in The End of Time between the DoctorDavid and Sarah Jane. Although I guess I’d really like a final farewell from him too. Well, of course I’d want that. And with the Doctor feeling like he was “dying” at the time, I totally see the necessity in his “reward”. ❤ And I’m getting sentimental and teary now, so I’ll stop.

But please, please, please throw a line in there to Sarah Jane about how young the new Doctor is. XD I mean, he’s almost starting to remind me of Benjamin Button. Although that’s not a bad thing, but yanno, it’s kinda funny. ^^’

And oohh, lot’s of lovely explanations to Luke (YUM, Luke 8D), Clyde and Rani will be necessary. I always love when new people comes along and things have to be explained. Even if I’ve heard them all over and over again, I always love that. How regenerating works, what TARDIS stands for, why it’s bigger on the inside, that it translates stuff, that the Doctor is, in fact, an alien, and so on, and so forth. I wonder why that is?

(I need to stop fawning over Luke. Tommy Knight is three years younger than me, and if he ever stumbled over this blog he’d think I was gross. XD Then again, in a few years, three years wont matter at all. *couch* I’ll stop now. ^^’)

Also, there’s Russel T Davies! ❤ And oh, apparently David Bradley, my favourite Filch, will be the voice to some alien! 😀

Now, if only Torchwood could go announce a few things or two… *grumbles* … then my life would be complete. I hate this silence. I need Jack.

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