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April 22, 2010

Okay, so let’s get one thing down. I’m a very easily scared, paranoid person. I have a few… not what I’d call phobias, but things I’m really scared of. Apart from deep water, death and lifts (no, not as in claustrophobia, I can handle small spaces, just not lifts… I get scared even in really big ones), I’ve acquired a couple more things to be scared of from reading Harry Potter and watching Doctor Who, as well as other TV shows/books. Dementors, Inferi/zombies, darkness (something I was afraid of when I was little too, but who wasn’t?), statues, imagining things moving behind me in mirrors (as well as things really moving behind me in mirrors), gas masks, people mimicking me or repeating word/s that in some way sounds eerie/creepy/scary/you name it, as well as the ticking of clocks. (Now, how much of that is the Moffat-guy’s fault? Just pointing it out…)

(And I’m not counting Theodora as one of those things. That would make him way too happy, just like every time I slip up and calls him… what he wants to be called.)

Today, I think I might have to add another thing to my growling list. Namely; knocking on doors. Knocking, particularly, not a door bell. (This whole thing puts The End of Time on a whole new level entirely, of course. As if discovering just how scary Time Lords in general was, and not just Theodora, wasn’t enough. -_-)

There I was, watching episode five of the first season of Being Human. Awesome series, BTW, go watch it. Vampires, werewolves, this show has them both, so it’s WIN. Not to mention the werewolf is totally hot, and Jack’s date in Doctor Who. ❤ (One of them, anyway. Alonso is his “moving on from Ianto-date”, I think, to which I totally approve, despite loving Janto, mind you.) And the vampire isn’t bad-looking either at all. 8D

Ehm, I’m getting off topic. The thing is, without spoiling too much in case you might want to watch the show (and really, do), there was this scene right after a big escape from evil vampires that involved a really tense moment with a door. Then it knocked, but on the wrong door, namely; the front door. Tense moment kinda gone, me a bit relaxed, the nice vampire goes and opens the front door.

Outside it is a rabid vampire with totally black eyes (á la the Grudge, which I’ll kinda get to later), fangs bared, and a stick in hand, ready to kill my lovely, hot Mitchell. The episode pretty much ended on that cliffhanger, I was trying to calm myself down, and then, lo and behold… it knocks on our front door.

Why would anyone even knock on our front door? We have a frikkin’ doorbell. It’s like someone wants me to lose it.

Anyway, I screamed my lungs out, pretty much, almost fell of the chair, nearly had a heart attack, got all teary (and I usually don’t cry when I get scared, I reserve that to the actual, you know, sad stuff), and probably looked quite the sight. And I’m still breathing really hard. You’d think I’d just watched a Japanese horror film or something. (Seriously, my attempt with The Grudge. Never. Again. Well, maybe with someone. Someone I trust.)

The weirdest part is; I have this really strange fascination in being scared to death. Morbid fancy, or whatever. I always think there’s something really quite beautiful in really scary things. I’m scared of death, can’t really stand blood, and still I keep watching, keep reading. I devour almost anything with vampires in it (and did before Twilight, thank you very much), keep trying to watch really scary horror films, and am intrigued by characters I find particularly scary. I go out in the dark, walk over graveyards and parks full of statues, etc, etc…

I love being scared. Does that make me a lunatic? ^^’

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