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Okay, so this really brightens me up, I’ll have to admit. ^^’

April 24, 2010


Yum, Jasper. 8D

Yum, Carlile. 8D

Awesome Alice.

Awesome Jane.

Awesome werewolves.

Not so awsome Jacob. ^^’

Although why they’ve gone and changed Victoria’s actor I really have no idea. -_- Apparently, this movie franchise had to mess up in some small way, just like Harry Potter did, although HP did it in a few more departments, admittedly. >_< And Rachelle Lefevre was so pretty too. Such a perfect Victoria. ❤ This new one just doesn’t have that same… dangerously beautiful look to her, I suppose.

And I’m so looking forward to seeing the fight between her and Edward, too. Holy frikkin’ crap it looks awesome, despite the wrong redhead. >_< Bleh.

And WTF is up with the ring? It’s really ugly, and really big. Bella would never wear it.

But the vampires coming up out of the water reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean. XD There, I ended it all with making fun of it. I’m such a good Harry Potter fan. ^_^

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