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Weeping Angels & The Ring, just as frikkin’ scary, the both of ’em.

April 24, 2010

Well, that’s it. I’m not feeling particularly well after watching that.

This. Mari (haha…), the girl at 1.17. That’ll be me after tomorrow night. On top of that, the episode will probably end on some freaky cliffhanger, and I’ll walk around being more jumpy and paranoid than ever before until I get to see the rest of it. Which will be a week. -_- And if things are really bad, I’ll be jumpy and paranoid after that, as well.

I know I’ve asked this hundreds of times, but how can this be a show for children?

(And BTW, during that Morning Musume clip, I always hold my hand up in front of the little picture in the corner that shows the film. Does that give you an inkling of how frikkin’ terrified I am of certain things?)

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