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The Time of Angels

April 25, 2010

Told you I’d cry. Damn it.

And in River’s own word; SPOILERS. For The Time of Angels, of course. And warning for… the usual. I’m too tense to be humorous. We’ll see how this’ll go.

Okay, that guy with the bow tie. Not the Doc, the older man. James Bond, much? And what has River done to that poor guy to make him seem… well, frankly, I’m gonna go for “insane”, ’cause that’s what he looks like with the rolling eyes and blank expression and all.

Holy crap, River’s heels. Love them, would never wear them. XD Yeah.

Am I a bad person for thinking that River with a gun is wrong? I mean, she’s the Doc’s wife. (Well, probably.) The reason I feel bad is because I’m so okay with Jack waving them around. Then again, seems the Doc’s kinda changing his mind on that issue. -_- I know, I know, he’s not shooting someone, and River isn’t either, so I shouldn’t bother… But I’m touchy.

Why does both Amy and River have red nails? Is it fashionable right now or something? (I’m addicted to nails and hair, so sue me?)

Liking River’s dress. Not liking her fugly glasses. Oh, yeah, I feel the need to really be personal with River here. I like her, plus I gotta make sure she’s good enough for the Doctor. ;P

12,000 years later. Well, that was anti-climatic. Here I thought someone was gonna be attacked by and Angel and do a Jack. ^^’

Ahahaha, Amy. xD I love you. Have I said that already? ^^’

I thought Gallifreyan was all rings and stuff? OH WAIT, River knows Gallifreyan? Wow, she’s thorough… I like that. 8D

“Hello, sweetie.” ROFL. There aren’t words. Not one. Single. Word. Just lots, and lots of laughter. Brilliance, River. Pure, epic brilliance. *puts APPROVE-stamp on River*

*wink* ^_______~ <333

Oooh, museum alarm. Why does that remind me of Dalek, Ninth Doctor and Rose? OH RIGHT, ’cause I miss them. >_<


Doctor Song. Now that woke me up. You know, I wonder, since she might actually be married to the Doctor, what if his last name actually is Song? Yeah. Something to think about. 😉

Oh, BTW, there was no Magpie in this episode either, apart from the TARDIS’ one. Maybe it wasn’t a plot point then. Or maybe The Wire just wants us to believe that it isn’t.

Does the red button on the TARDIS’ keyboard actually say “PANIC”? ❤

“Like I said on the dance floor… ‘You might want to find something to hang on to.'” Ihihihihi, River. <333 xD

Such a brilliant escape. ❤ Told you it was one. 😉 Oh, and look at that face. "Come here, honey, and I'll save you." it says. Yeah. ^__^

Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! ^_^ Oh, and can you believe this was Matt's idea? I'm so proud. He thinks like the (future) Doctor already. ;P Oh, and the... uhm, kneeing where the sun don't shine, to quote Matt... Alex, I think you did it on purpose. ;D


Well, I have to agree with the Doctor here. I do love that noise too. Doctor Song, you might be approved by me to be his wife, but don’t you dare have him stop leaving the breaks on.

Why does he call Amy by her last name? xD I kinda like it, at the same time as it bothers me.

Oh my, environment check. The Doctor never does that nowadays, does he. XD He always did it in his first incarnation, though. And here I thought River was a blast from the future… *OMGI’MSOFUNNEH*

PWNED, River. Sorry to point it out. ^^’ But yeah, the Doctor is very hot when he does that. In fact, he’s always hot. ^^

So, River. You learned to fly the TARDIS from the very best, and it wasn’t the Doctor. Then, might I inquire as to who it was? Am I to assume the Time Lords are still alive? If you tell me you learned from Theodora (who, we all know, however terrifying the thought is, will come back one day), you’ll lose that APPROVED-stamp, you know. And that’s a promise.

Ooh, running away. ❤ Though not from River. >_< (Only if she’s got TARDIS-flying lessons from Theodora, then you can run all you want!) But that reminds me. Haven’t we been running, well… a lot less than usual since the Eleventh came along? I kinda miss it.

This shot kinda doesn't make any sense. 'Cause Amy and the Doc just stepped out of the TARDIS, right? But they're kinda standing behind it, and a long distance away from it. Why would they back up like that?

I've definitely role played too much Disney with Frollo and Esmeralda over at Fantasmic!, but I kinda think it looks like he's sniffing her hair. ^^' Oh wait. My, I'm starting to sound like a Doctor/River shipper. x) Well, maybe I am. ^^'

“I’m going to be a professor some day, am I?” I’m confused. ^___^ In  a good way, I suppose. ^^’ SPOILERS. 8D

Wait, the Weeping Angels can’t die? Or is there something else she’s talking about? OR IS JACK COMING BACK? 8D … That’s wishful thinking for ya. ^^’

“Ooh, Doctor, you sonic-ed her.” Mwihihihi, Amy, I love you. Just the tone of your voice, it implies so many things that I try not to think about. ^___^

Oh. The Doctor’s saluting now, is he? -_-

Yeah, that’s right, Amy, good point! “Sir”, Doctor? Why? … No answer. Bleh.

“Heel, boy!” Oh, I could so see River doing that. ^___^

OMG, he answered Amy with a “yes”, and I was like OMFG, WUT? For real? O_O … And then he went on talking about that, yes, he was Mr Grumpy Face. x) Again, that’s some brilliant scriptwriting. ^^

Oh. Bye, bye, River’s lovely dress, hello ugly military stuff. Oh well, at least Amy is still wearing a skirt. 8D

“Church has moved on”, oh really? They’ve always been involved with wars and stuff with guns/weapons, haven’t they?

Oh, and here comes the bloody Angels. >_< Funny though, that the church is involved in trying to beat the Angels? Am I the only one seeing some kind of symbolic stuff in that? My old school would have a field day with my reasoning and this episode, I’m sure. ^^’

ROFL, the Doc’s making a fool of himself so many times in this episode. In front of River. ^^ I love it. 8D

How many times do they say “radiation” in this episode? Seriously, I hate that word. >_< For obvious, End-of-Time, bye-DoctorDavid-reasons. ; _ ;

The Doc looks really hot with his bangs like this. 8D Or should I say, he looks like a "sweetie"... ^__^

No, Amy. No one needs you. Go away and let me watch the Doctor and River bond with some healthy bickering. ^^

And of course the Angel has moved. >_<

ROFL, baby-face. XD It’s so true, though. ^^’ (And yeah, I’m trying to concentrate on the funny stuff here. Ignoring the scary crap that’s going on with Amy.)

Yeah, well, River, it would help if you told him who you are. I’m sure that would, you know, help a lot of people out here. But I suppose this conversation here clears up a lot of stuff… at the same time as it messes things up. I mean, she’s talking like she’s met all the Doctors, but she couldn’t have, ’cause unless someone’s tampered with his memory, the first time he met River was definitely in the library. Then again, as the Moffat-guy hinted at in the Confidential, perhaps River isn’t his wife but something darker. (OMG, the possibilities! Time Lord in disguise? The Rani? Theodora regenerated into… Ugh, why did I go there? >_< Moving on before I throw up, okay…)

That sound the TV does when it switches itself back on; DEAD SCARY. Add the Angel to that, and… *shivers*

“It’s coming out of the television.” Okay, well, that’s it. Moffat just had to go and write that , didn’t he? Watching Doctor Who, with the Weeping Angels, on a screen, just got ten times more scary than it already was.

I actually don’t blink when the Angels are on screen. It’s like a reflex, and then things calm down a bit, and I notice I sit there with teary, stinging eyes.

How many times did I say “the eyes are the window to the soul” in relation to the Doctor and River before this episode aired? ^^’ Kinda weird that he brought it up, dontcha think? Oh yeah, I’m so psychic. 8D Precognition FTW.

Okay. River. Stop implying that you are something horrible and dark and evil. You’re making me unsure and sad and slightly scared. I’m going to the length of protecting you from all those people calling you a Mary Sue and actually supporting the thought of you and the Doctor being in a relationship, so can you at least turn out to be a good person in return? Please?

OMG, did you watch the confidential? Those girls running around like Angels? So scary. But kinda funny when they where wearing jeans and stuff. ^^’

Oh, and speaking of the Confidential. XD Amy’s line of where the Doc got his clothes. x) So WIN. ^_^

The sand coming out of Amy’s eye was so scary. o.o And cool.

Did Amy make River uncomfortable? ^^’ That’s something I haven’t seen before. Amy’s awesome. 8D

Aaaand, the Doctor is pwned again. >D

“I’m not saying you’re right.” Well, damn it. Just shut it, then. -_-

Oh, crap. Flickering lights. >_<

“Bob” is a sacred name? ^^’ Is there anyone in the bible named that? XD I’m just thinking about Bob the Blob here… which I’d rather not, ’cause you tend to blink while laughing. ^^’

Why did he turn to River when he talked about snogging? ^__^ But I like how they realise that all the statues are Angels (>_<) at the same time. (Well, almost.)

ROFL, he bit her. ❤ LOL, “space teeth”. Haha. Oh, you know it’s good when I can giggle while being dead scared. x)

Can you believe I was all trusting just like Amy and River when he asked them all? Well, never again. -_- Bloody gun. And I don’t care if he isn’t shooting someone.

Bleh. Fugly credits, let’s ignore them. >_<

You know, the “next time” is more of a cliffhanger than the actual ending of this episode, IMO. I’m just wondering how I’ll be able to watch it properly with the Doctor telling everyone to shut their eyes… Oh, and next episode is the kiss. Probably, judging by Amy’s clothes. Unless the episode after the one next week continues right after. But I still want River there to see her reaction. That could be clue enough as to what exactly she is to the Doctor.

Oh, and here’s some DoctorDavid picspam from the Confidential. <333 ‘Cause I miss him. ; _ ;


Yeah, this is how sad I feel right now. ; _ ; <333

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  1. April 25, 2010 6:23 pm

    Jag såg avsnittet med Elsa, Sarah och Ange och sa direkt JAMES BOND! När han kom! XD

    Jag gillade River bättre här, men det kan ha varit för att hon inte hade så många repliker, men jag stör mig på hur otroligt Mary-Sue hon är. X)

    Tänk om River kunde vara The Rani… Skulle ÄLSKA det! XD

    You’re right! Det är mindre spring! o.o *Dislike*

    You’re confused… Alltså, hon är ju Professor i Silence in the Library, och det här är liksom, innan det. Så hon vet inte om det än! XD
    Medan han bara träffat henne där när hon redan var det. X)

    Jag och Sarah kommenterade också hans hår där! We approved! XD

    Lol, du nämnde Rani nu… hehe… Great minds think alike? XD

    And now you mentiond Mary-Sue, this is… A bit scary XD

    Amy sand i ögonen, läskigt… Men sen tyckte jag bara avsnittet var stressigt. Angels var inte ens i närheten av lika läskiga som förra gången, och jag kom på statyerna innan att de sa något, och tyckte inte de var läskiga heller. XD

    So…Not so scary episode…

    Men i Next time ser det ut som om en Angel tar tag i Doctor, om den skickar tillbaka honom någonstans så kommer han göra något, som hamnar på museet, River och Amy åker dit, de förstår vart Doctor är och River styr TARDIS till Doctor and he’s saved!

    Om de händer så känner jag att jag löser alla Moffats mysterier. .__.

    • April 25, 2010 8:15 pm

      Mindre spring är hemskt! >_<
      Haha, när jag sa att jag var confused så menade jag med wibbely-wobbely-timey-wimey timelines and stuff. Jag fattade vad hon menade, men fick huvudvärk av att tänka på det, om du förstår vad jag menar. ^^'

      • April 25, 2010 8:22 pm

        Mmmm, HAIR. 8D
        Mwahaahha. Precognition, I tell ya. 8D And great minds think alike too, of course. ;P
        Ja, stressigt… och läskigt. Jag misstänkte först att alla statyerna var Angels, varför skulle dem annars vara där liksom, men sen så började jag hoppas så mycket på att dem inte var det så jag blev överraskad när the Doc och River kom på det. XD
        Ooh, det låter som en bra plan! Vore coolt om det var så det var. 😀 … Och lite läskigt. x)

        Och jag har ingen aning om varför min egen blogg inte lät mig skriva hela kommentaren i ett stycke…

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