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April 26, 2010

1. Eureka! Galileo!

2. Amy: “Basically we’ve *** up the inside of a *******.”

3. The Byzantium contains a forest. Yes, a forest.

4. Amy: “Seven.”

5. There’s a scene reminiscent of a scene from ‘Doomsday’.

6. Amy: “Six.”

7. What’s the opposite of the moral from ‘Blink’?

8. River has done something very, very naughty.

9. There’s a very important date you’ll want to mark in your diaries/iPhones/Google calendars come the end of this episode.

10. The crack. We finally learn what it is and what it wants.

And, just for fun, a bonus teaser:

11. Amy does something to The Doctor that prompts an epiphany. And a collection.

(P.S. Amy: “Five…”)

– Digital Spy

Hey, it’s another list! And some more theorising from me. ^_^

1. … Wut? XD *feels stupid and, for some reason, uncultured* (Wait, is “uncultured” a word? And does it mean what I mean? xD Probably not. ^^’)

2. Okay, help me out here, ’cause I’m stumped.

3. Oooohh, we can have a picnic! A romantic little thing with the Doctor and River. ❤ Amy, go keep a lookout for the Angels, why don’t you? Make sure they aren’t disturbed. ^_^”

4, 6 & P.S. What is Amy counting down to? >_< Gah, this is unbearable. Gief me episode nao.

5. Crap. >_<

7. “Keep your eyes closed.” Duh.

8. Mwihi. ^____^ … Well, at least I can get to pretend until Saturday that the direction my mind is going is the right one, right? >_<  I’m trying to ignore that almost Theodora-like nagging in the back of my head telling me she’s not the Doctor’s wife at all, but something very, very bad and evil. Damn you, Moffat.

9. Amy’s wedding? She’s not pregnant, is she? Or maybe it doesn’t have to do with Amy at all, but it’s when the Doctor and River marries? ^___^ Ehum. ^^’

10. Wow, already? Then what about the final episode? Or does the crack have nothing at all to do with the big epic end of this season, and it really is The Wire that’s all over the place? Hm.

11. Snogging! 😀 YAY~

Oh, and as for that little advertisement during the cliffhanger of The Time of Angels that everyone is going to pieces about… I honestly couldn’t care less. ^^’ I frankly find it silly, then again, I wasn’t very fond of the ending of this episode either, so that might have something to do with it. Plus I like Over The Rainbow. It’s like How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria? but with dogs, and without one of the hottest men in the universe. ^^’

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  1. April 28, 2010 10:04 am

    Basically we’ve run up the inside of a vulcano! 😀

    Hon räknar när hon blundar! :3

    Picknick?! Tänk VASTHA NERADA!!!!!

    Jag har hört att River har dödat The most important man in her life! :O :O :O Could she have killed the Doctor in the future?!

    Amy is pregnant! In Amy’s choice… Atleast… xD
    5 år efter att hon träffat Doctor och han kommer tillbaka on the eve of her childs birth and she is face with a terrible choice! Om hon lämnar ungen blir jag sur! T__T

    • April 28, 2010 4:00 pm

      Ooh, you’re right! 😀

      Jo, men till vad? 8D

      Vashta Nerada OCH Weeping Angels? Now there’s an episode that I hope never exists. *rysa*

      What?! No, no, no one kills the Doctor. =O And definitely not River! *cries* I’m panicking at the thought, here.

      Ja, usch, det kan hon inte göra. Lite moral måste Doctor Who ha… det är ju ett barnprogram, after all. xD Även om man inte märker det mesta delen av tiden. ^^’

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