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Flesh and Stone

May 2, 2010

This guy. Is he French, or is it some speech disorder? Just wondering. ^^' And just to make things clear and avoid flaming or whatever; I love the French. 8D I also love Jonathan Ross... and myself. xD

You know, in last week’s Confidential, they seemed to have a lot of trouble with the jumping when the Doc did the thing we shall never, ever talk about. () Wasn’t that kinda wasted time considering they never showed them jumping?

Oh, you know. As usual, as in River’s (whom I no longer dare trust, and might be on my way to develop a fear for almost equal to what I have for Theodora) own words; SPOILERS. For Flesh and Stone. I might have to issue an extra warning for all the smileys, mind you.

Bleh. Let’s ignore both the recap and the intro this time, okay? (I found this perfect smiley, on either JunJun’s or LinLin’s blog, I can’t remember which one: 谢谢你们一直都在我身边。 I very much feel like doing like it after watching this episode. That doesn’t mean it was bad, I mean… Last of the Time Lords weren’t bad, neither was End of Time. Doesn’t stop them from being horrible episodes, you know?

That jumping with the gravity-schmavity was awesome though. 絵文字

“We’ll all plunge to our deaths… See, I thought about it.”

“I absolutely trust him.”

“He’s not some kind of madman, then?”

“… I absolutely trust him.” Oh, River. Is it possible to love someone very much at the same time as you’re really, really frightened by that someone? Apparently.

I hate flashing scenes. They give me headaches. Add the Angels to that, and it’s headache + scared to death = not a very calm and collected Lenore.

I think Amy said “Doctor” one times to many around here. It sort of got annoying.

River’s so smart. Now, if only that could’ve kept on being a good thing…絵文字

I found this really pretty, for some reason. Though not so much without the movement of the light. A picture doesn't do it justice, and all that.

All the “life”-comments to Angel Bob. I found them so cheesy, but oh-so-brilliant at the same time. ラブラブ

Consoles and comfy chairs. That reminds me so much of that conversation David had about the Star Trek spaceship VS the TARDIS. Well, actually, the new TARDIS has comfy chairs now, so there’s no competition anymore.

“I made you say ‘comfy chairs’.” Mwihi. It’s up there with the Daleks making tea, I’d say. アップ

“Doctor, I’m five!” Can someone make a spoof of that making it sound like Amy is really saying all stubborn teenager-like that she actually is five years old? Taking it out of the context that is this scary episode, it could be hilarious.

“That’s extremely very not good.” I’m so gonna start using that line.

The Angels moving. It needs mentioning. It was so very, very scary, at the same time as it sort of ruined the magic with them, I think. Experiencing the same thing as a viewer as the characters on screen does makes it a lot more frightening. And that was the whole deal with the Angels, wasn’t it, that when a character watches them/when the camera is on them, they can’t move. And then if you sit there, like I do, with eyes wide open the whole time, and suddenly are able to see them moving even though the Doc and Amy can’t, it sort of detaches you and makes you nothing else than a boring spectator. Am I making sense? But because of them moving, those scenes didn’t feel as scary as, say, the one earlier when they were in that corridor with the light flashing.

I liked it when River was all concerned for Amy. She can’t have done something really horrible, can she? Not when she’s so nice. (Not like killing someone isn’t horrible, but, you know what I mean… )

“Now, if he’s dead back there, I’ll never forgive myself, and if he’s alive, I’ll never forgive him.” I don’t get that line at all. Why would she never forgive him for being alive? Unless it has something to do with the other thing about this episode that we shall never, ever talk about, then… okay. Let’s not. I do love this scene though, with the Doctor running around all over the place and being so rude just ’cause he’s so worried. I like how River understands that as well.絵文字

Oh, the counting. That was really cruel. Really can’t blame the Doctor for getting mad there. And it was made scary too, with the big spooky sound every time after she said a number. And I am totally okay with the Doctor’s anger in this episode. Because now it’s what I talked about with the Star Whale thing, that he kinda feels like he’s failing and losing another companion and all, and he doesn’t want that to happen again because he doesn’t want to feel that pain again.ハート

The way River looks at the Doctor, the way she says “you did it”. She can’t be as bad as we’re all imagining because of some terrifying things some lines hinted at now, can she? Please say that she can’t.

What’s with the sound effects as the Doc moves his fingers around? Reminds me of some Looney Toones.

“Respect the thing.” Gosh, Doc, you’re such a rapper, yo.

I hate it when the Doc asks someone to trust him. Just ’cause I feel like I can’t do that any more. But I wonder what he meant with what he told Amy when she was seven? He said a lot, after all. Also, he’s suddenly wearing his coat in this scene.

River can read Old High Gallifreyan but she can’t understand the Base Code of the universe? Oh well, I guess everyone has their area of expertise. I kinda like her and the Doctor on their own though. Gives me the feeling having River as a regular companion would be so awesome and kick-ass. (As long as we don’t think of the terrifying stuff, that is. )

OMG, the duck pond was something important? But I wonder… If, say, someone, like, for example, Lenore and Sito () had travelled in the TARDIS, seen the Daleks invade and blah, blah, and then got stranded in Britain from, say… 1996 to 2008… Would they experience the Dalek invasion even though others didn’t, since they have been time travellers?

Wow, I just realised something. When the Doc met Amy for the second time and chased away the Atraxi, it was 2008. They should so have put up “VOTE SAXON” posters all over Leadworth. That would have been so awesome and so very scary.

I know this is supposed to be scary, but I think it's beautiful. ^^' I really love the whole forest setting for this episode. The Doctor rarely goes to forests nowadays. He did that a lot during his first incarnation.

HE BLINKED. Seriously, is the Angel slacking off, or what? Just dragging it out, maybe. They really are cruel. Plus they made the Doctor cry. ; _ ; ❤ And I really, really hate the Doc's "who?" here, and later on as well. It implies way too much. >_<

The eye on the screen behind River. Let's get a few thing down here, shall we? The Wire/Magpie. The cracks. And now the Atraxi? (Let's not add River to this list, okay? >_<) So which one is the big enemy we'll beat in the final?

I want a scene in the TARDIS where Amy lounges around in one of those comfy chairs and paints her nails, damn it. Just because.

That fall Amy did was kinda bad… Well, okay, I guess walking with your eyes closed in a forest full of Angels might make you a bit wobbly, but that little thing she stumbled over was ridiculously small. Not to mention she knew it was there, having noticed it with her first foot already. Just sayin’.

YAY RIVER FTW! [2010.5.1]晚安.. And yes, Doctor. Kiss! Kiss! … ROFL, River. You are a human, right? And as long as something Jack-ish hasn’t happened to you, you’re nowhere close to the Doctor’s age. But I suppose I can understand that it might be a bit off-putting for her with the Doc looking like her son.

“Get a grip” and “they’ve forgotten the gravity of the situation” are such brilliant lines. ラブラブ So is River figuring out what the Doctor means, mind you.

I never noticed before. Karen/Amy has vampire teeth just like me. 絵文字

*blatantly ignores all conversation on the beach*

For a heart-stopping, wonderful moment, I really thought he was gonna kiss her. I wished he would've, it would sort of have made all she more or less stated outright (at least it sounded like that in my very frightened head) a bit less... believable? I don't know. -_-

I hate it when the Doctor looks like this. It's his "I know it" face. DoctorDavid pulled it off a lot towards the end as well.

“Time can be rewritten.” I really hope so. I really do.

Amy telling the Doctor she wanna go home kinda reminded me of that scene with Donna when she told him and he took it the wrong way… I miss Donna. (Though I like Amy too, of course.)

Pretty wedding ring is pretty. 絵文字

“Yeah! … No.” x2. ROFL.

Okay. Okay. 絵文字 Right. SO. Kids’ show. Undressing people. One night-stands. With kissagrams. Check, check, check, check.

… Yep. Doctor Who is the best show ever. If I ever have kids, they’ll live on it until they can read Harry Potter. ニコニコ

I like Amy’s bedroom. It’s really pretty.

Amy… what you are suggesting is way out there. Which I love. But wow, is the Doctor cute when he’s awkward or is he cute when he’s awkward? ラブラブ! Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, Sontarans, Vashta Nerada, etc; piece of cake. A one night-stand; panic. And he’s suddenly taking the moral high ground, is he? Just sayin’; his age didn’t seem to bother him when it came/comes to Rose, Reinette or River (ooh, does he only fall in love with people whose names beings on R, or what? 目) He’s really grasping at straws here, isn’t he?

“It’s been a while?”

“Yeah…! No!”

There aren’t words. Seriously.


Basically though, the Doc’s her hen party? (Though she should really take a leaf out of Hello! Project’s book and wear some safety pants. And no, I can’t help it. )

Oh, come on. There had to be a picture. I love how "human" the Doctor is here though. (I love how "human" he always is during these... incidents. ^^) Sort of taken by the moment. ^__^

Amy has some really questionable things in her room though. The painting above her bed, for example. What is that, modern art?



Rory’s shirt. To think that he walks around like that in Venice.

And OMG, Amy’s gonna get bitten. Can I wait to see that? No. Next week now, thanks!!

WHERE DID THE CREDITS GO!? Oh, there they are. I’m so used to ignoring them I didn’t even notice.

Oh, and here’s something fun. A list of ten things I miss in Doctor Who, with pictures from the Confidential! YAY.


This costume on DoctorMatt. Seriously, even the raggedy was better than the bow tie.


Arthur. Mweep. ニコニコ


The old screwdriver.


Old, non-frightening River.


DoctorChris. A perfect example of how to be the Doctor without being my Doctor. (Not saying DoctorMatt isn’t awesome, just not ChrisAwesome. )


Donna. Donna, Donna, Donna.


Running. Haven’t been done nearly enough since DoctorMatt came along. 絵文字


The only reason this elf Jack isn’t in second place is because we have him in Torchwood. If they only could get to it with announcing another season soon…


Rose, of course. Did you expect anyone else?


DrunkDoctorDavid. 汗 As if anyone else could’ve been in this spot.

I could’ve spread my wings, and done a thousand things~音符

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  1. May 3, 2010 8:55 am

    “-And still, have asked for more”

    Det med River… Crack kanske kommer tillbaka, och han sa ju att det går att besegra, man kan kasta in honom, så River kanske…gör det?/tillåter att han gör det?

    Du la också märke till kavajen!
    What’s up with that? : o
    Fel i continuety eller var det en annan DoctorMatt som kom dit och sa det?

    • May 3, 2010 2:57 pm

      Den sången passar nästan the Doctor lite ^^

      Ja, kanske. -_- Usch, det är så hemskt att tänka på. Jag vill ju fortsätta tycka om River. XD

      Jag gissar på continuity error… Fast din idé var mer spännande. ^^

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