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Vampires of Venice

May 11, 2010

Well, no, I’m not late. It’s just that, after watching Saturday’s episode, I had this great big surge of inspiration, whatever that means, and managed to cram out about two chapters on my Doctor Who fanfiction in two days. That’s pretty rare, for your information. But yeah, I’ve been busy.

But yeah. Here we go. SPOILERS, but I hardly need to say that any more, do I? No? Good.


Aaah, Helen McCrory. Definitely so much better and prettier as a vampire than Cissy… Ehm, I mean, Cissy, who? Oh, you mean Rosetta…

Whenever Guido was on screen, I kept thinking of Rocco from Casanova, for some reason, even though I know it’s not the same actor… and then I thought of Casanova… and then I thought of David Tennant… and then I missed him… and yeah, I am pathetic. But I’ve been watching a lot of Doctor Who with him lately, so I can’t help it, can I? All it does is remind me of how much more brilliant he was than DoctorMatt…

Francesco, or whatever the actor’s name is, are one of those that really proves that being a vampire and acting like one can make anyone hot. I mean, I didn’t think he was much to look at at first, but I totally changed my mind as the episode went on…

OMG, I totally fell for Rory in this episode. He is so frikkin’ adorable and so frikkin’ awesome, and such a good boyfriend. Amy would be beyond stupid if she chose the Doc instead of him. (Which she wont, so YAY. ) For me, Rory was the most eye-catching in this episode, you know, apart from the vampires. There’s no upstagin’ the vampires. And yes, I loved him more than the Doc. And I wanted his name in the opening. I was looking for it. I looked properly at the bloody ugly opening to see “Arthur Darvill” somewhere in it. (Fat lot of good that did.) But yeah, now there’s a compliment…

I might just as well end the review here. I need a break. The stag scene… Well, I haven’t laughed so much since… well, I don’t know. “Does he still stroke bits of the TARDIS?” maybe. Or “the back of my manly, hairy hand”. Or Jack’s “I can’t tell you what I’m thinking right now” about the two DoctorDavids. Or something Donna said. Since the fourth season, let’s settle on that. Yeah. Absolutely hilarious. I’m gonna go watch it again.

What’s the Doctor doing down there? Is he fixing something? Eh, whatever. I don’t like how he talks so matter-of-factly about “devouring relationships”. He really has moved on, hasn’t he? しょぼん And yeah, I know that should be a good thing, but… bleh.

Ooh, I wanna go to Moulin Rogue. He should take Jack and Lenore there. Yeah.

By the way, when are we gonna get to see more of the TARDIS? Weren’t we supposed to?

Frankly, I find DoctorMatt terrifying sometimes. When he walks up to Rory, for example. The expression on his face makes me wanna climb behind the sofa (figuratively speaking of course, since I don’t have a sofa in my room…) more than any Dalek has ever managed to do. Which totally takes any funny of of that scene, as well.

… Gosh, I complain. Sorry.

Amy? Running down what corridors? You haven’t really done much running…

I still find it hard to believe, ever since the Shakespeare Code, that no one would feel the need to chop their heads off for walking around in modern clothing. Especially Amy. I mean, at least they should get some stares… (Not that I’m complaining. I really like Amy’s fashion.)

A bet with Casanova, Doctor? Really? I’m intrigued. What exactly did this bet entail, and why did you lose?

… Isn’t it amazing how much a rolling chicken can imply? ^_~

ROFL, Rory is a eunuch~ I’m having a field day with this episode, yes… Though, ehum, yeah, I feel really sad for him. Poor Rory.

I have Amy’s boots. Just sayin’. Though I tend to fold up my shafts, or whatever those are called. And just because of that, I have a sudden urge to cosplay as her…

Durr-hurr-hurr. I just had to. >D

The library card. I’ve mentioned it so many times, but that’s ’cause it’s so brilliant. Though I still don’t get why he’s gesturing to his nose?

“I have a thing about guns.” Do you, Doctor? Certainly doesn’t seem like it… 絵文字

“You look about nine.” HE DOES, I KEEP SAYING. Amy’s right. Ha!

ROFL, the Doctor’s little laugh and couch when Amy pats Rory’s head. OMG, I love it. This whole scene is so awesome.

“Actually, I thought you were her fiancee.”

“Yeah, that’s not helping.”


The King of Sweden? Did he really say that? Oh, that’s so brilliant, that’s so bloody brilliant I could cry. Lenore’s idea. That was so Lenore’s idea. I’m a happy fanfiction writer.

But, um, yay. Period clothing FTW.

The fake gondola is brilliant. Really.

“I’m getting married in 430 years!” ROFL.

“Yours is bigger than mine.”

“Let’s not go there.”


Best. Lines. Ever. ドキドキラブラブハートハートピンクハート[2010.5.1]晚安..絵文字絵文字

(Who, me, exaggerating? But innuendo is so much fun)

Gosh, vampire scenes. They’re always so wonderful and sexy, even when you know the vampires are really ugly fish-creatures…

Oh, Rory. Your speech is so true and so wonderful, but I can’t help but want to shut people up when they point out those things. Because you don’t want to think that there’s anything bad with the Doctor…

Hm. They can’t have drunk a lot of blood for Amy to be able to be that alert and active. Or perhaps you really do get stronger by travelling in the TARDIS? I mean, no companion ever gets sick…

The Doctor is so Star Wars with that light-thingie.

There’s been a lot of perception filters in this season, hasn’t it? There’s the TARDIS of course, and then the door in Amy’s house, the Angels, and now the vampires. And knowing Doctor Who, with that many of something, it’s time to start putting it on that list of things that could have something to do with the final episode.

You know, “cracks in time” isn’t something new. I was watching Rise of the Cybermen a few days ago, and the Doctor mentions that that is what they might have fallen through to get to the parallel world. So, technically… if I’m allowed to dream, and I am, damn it… right now, with so many of them, it should be kinda possible for them to fall through one of them again and end up meeting Rose and HumanDoctor. I think I might have to write something like that into my fanfiction.

“I’m a Time Lord… you’re a big fish. Think of the children.” Really didn’t see that one coming. Though I sadly have to say that I am intrigued.

There’s also a lot about names in this season…

What’s with the candy? I want one.

The Doctor needs more arms? No, of course not, he’s got Rory. Mickey was the tin dog, now Rory is the extra arm…?

ROFL, sign of cross = FAIL. Though epic sword/broom fight is epic. Even though we all know Rory wouldn’t have managed without Sito… Rory is kinda hot, though.

ROFL at Confidential where Amy didn’t stop the kiss.

Aaww, the applause reminds me of The Next Doctor. He so deserves it, every time.

First thing I thought at this shot was that she looks a bit like my mum. If she'd had bangs. Seriously.

Bleh. I don't get DoctorMatt. One moment I don't like him at all and cry because I miss DoctorDavid, but the next moment, I feel for him just as much as I did for his previous incarnation.

Yay for Amy’s and Rory’s kiss in front of a Doctor that don’t mind at all! I approve!

Put the kettle on? Um, Amy, do you mind if I follow you to the TARDIS’ kitchen? I’d like to see that. Really.

Oooh, the Silence again. But what’s with the next time through the keyhole? Random, much?


OMG. OMG. The “Dream Lord” scares the crap out of me. As does the next episode. Makes me think of the Celestial Toymaker and Meddling Monk, or something. I hate to see the Doctor “defeated”. Like, staggering around all weak and fainting. It really scares me. And he did a lot of that in the trailer.

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  1. May 12, 2010 5:45 pm

    You know he who plays Rocco is in Doctor Who, too, right? :3
    And Bellino as well!^^
    And Casanovas mother!

    Rory! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

    Moulin Rogue in the old days, I hope, it's not that impressive now. X)

    There is far to little running in this series…

    I hope he meets Casanova… And that Casanova is played by David… X)

    If my hair was longer, I could cosplay Amy, I have a whole deal of her cloths, and the haircolour… Why oh why did I get my hair short? Oh, yeah, I like it… Hm…

    In Reset (Torchwood) they said that a LOT of things had changed in Martha!

    I'd loved it if he had had a laser sword! X)

    (Oh, btw… In flesh and stone, the date 26-06-2010… It's the date for the last episode of this seasone too! And the day she's supposed to get married… I wonder if something special is going to happen!)

    I can harldy wait for the next ep! 😀 😀 😀
    But, can't they just, try to do things that you can only do in dreams, to figure out what is a dream? Like… Jump up and fly! XD

    • May 12, 2010 6:35 pm

      Yes! But I still thought of Rocco when I saw this guy… XD

      Rory~! <3333333 *fangirls*

      Of course, Moulin Rogue in the old days. Otherwise there would be no reason for THE DOCTOR to take them there. ;P

      We need more running!

      OMG YES. *goes and finds fan* … X''D

      Yeah, if I'm gonna cosplay Amy, I'd have to get a wig. But I think I'd like that. Though when I've grown my hair out (which I will this time, damn it XD), I WILL cosplay as Gwen. Even if I have to wear jeans and learn to speak with that accent. x)

      Oh, I bet it's something big like the end of the universe on that very day. XD There's a lot about Amy that feels very Donna for some reason, and not only that they are both redheads. x) It just feels like everything comes down to Amy, just like it did with Donna. I dunno. Not that I'm complaining, I like that. It's lots of epic. 8D

      It's probably a dream where you can't do dreamy stuff. XD
      I have those too, you know, where I can't fly away from Theodora even when I want to… x_x

  2. May 13, 2010 8:28 pm

    I’d fly TO Master, hehehehehe… *walks away*

    • May 14, 2010 3:30 am

      Fly to him. And then fly AWAY with him. Far away from me. And talk him into never coming back. Now there’s a good plan. ^^’

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