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Momoiro Clover

May 13, 2010

New obsession!

And yes, it’s another J-pop girl group. As if I needed another one, right? But they’re so cute, and have awesome songs!

I really like Reni, the one in purple. Not only because she gets a cake smashed into her face in their second PV…

… Though that’s fun too, of course.

And Ayaka (pink), is just as tall as me!

Plus their colours are just the same as the Sailor Senshi team in my fanfiction! Pink for Moon, Blue for Mercury, Red for Mars, Green for Jupiter (funny that the tallest of the Inner Senshi is the shortest in this group, though…), Yellow for Venus (Venus is very yellow later on in the manga, which is a lot better than that orange, yes…), and violetlavender for Sedna! So that is cool, I think.

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