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May 13, 2010

Like… actual pictures. Of me. Related to my surroundings. Seriously, yo.

Look what say outside out window eating all the bird food a few days ago! Adorable, right?

Here’s my kittie Chika, who just had herself a “lovely” mouse that I tragically failed to save. I’m angry at her now, so I’m not letting her sit in my lap.

Yeah, lets see how long I can resist her cuteness…

Look at my OMG NERDY ROOM. Let’s see how many fandoms we can spot, okay?

Lots of Japanese stuff in general. (Is Japanese stuff considered a “fandom”, though? Oh, never mind. Fandom, obsession, nerdy stuff I like, it’s all the same anyway. ) Including my failed pose (be fair though, it was originally only taken to show off the nails ), make up, nails and lovely softglow effect over the whole picture…

Pokémon (Pikachu)

Hello! Project (H!P logo, Koharu, Guardians 4, Sharan Q & Tsunku, which you just didn’t see, okay? )

Harry Potter (Second film poster and the Dumbledore every HP fan miss.)

Pirates of the Caribbean (Giant Jack Sparrow poster behind me, little piece of Jolly Roger you can see above me, as well as the back of a Jack Sparrow book you can see in my bed…)

Lilo & Stitch (The framed picture of me, Lilo, Reuben and Sparky, duh…)

Eehh, yeah. I think that’s it. Some day, when it’s tidy (yeah, like that will ever happen…), I’ll take a pic of the whole nerdiness that is my room. Won’t that be fun?

And finally… close-up on nails! That’s kinda simple though, coming from me…Still pretty, right?

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