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Amy’s Choice

May 16, 2010

So… Anyone except me who is really upset and freaked out by the fact that the Doctor kinda committed suicide twice in this episode?

… I’ve said it before, I will say it many times again; damn, what a kids’ show. If it weren’t for that I’m so set on not doting too much on my own kids if I ever have any, I’d almost be uncertain on whether I’d let them watch Doctor Who or not.

Oh, and yeah… SPOILERS. Better late than never, right?

The music in this episode where brilliant, I need to mention. I mean, just take the beginning with the calm, tranquil, cosy music. Not very threatening, right? But add that ticking, and you’ve got yourself one freaked out Lenore from the very first second of the episode.

OMG, geese! And, ehm, cocks. Though lets not go there. Rory and the Doctor already did, sort of. But Rory’s dream house looks so beautiful. I’d kinda love to live there with him.

Were there times when Amy’s whole stomach actually moved? (Outside of the frikkin’ hilarious Confidential, I mean. ) Seriously. Couldn’t they have gotten something better? Or did they spend too much money on putting eyes in old people’s mouths?

And about that, it was freaky. When they first opened their mouths and something started coming out, I thought The Empty Child at once. So scary. Then those eyes came out, and I started wondering what the hell it is with eyes in this season?

Lets give it for the wonderful ponytail (that everyone keeps bashing, and I don’t know what’s wrong with you people…)! While we still can, I mean! Hooray, hooray, hooray~!

How frikkin’ cute was Rory all through the episode? I’m getting a crush here, and I’m just about willing to tell Amy to get on with it with the Doc and leave the cute guy to me, with or without ponytail! Though of course that will never happen… which is good. But damn, I mean, just look at him, dropping the cake (it looked really good BTW, can I have one?) when the TARDIS materialised and just everything he did through the whole thing and… gah.  And to think I liked him less than I used to like Mickey at first…

That should be one of the warnings on this review. Warning for excessive gushing of Rory.

You know, I kept thinking, with the TARDIS in the garden, couldn’t they just have gone into it and ran? Couldn’t the Doc somehow have figured things out with the help of the ship?

“You’ve swallowed a planet!” Gah, sorry, I just had to. This line is so awesome.

So awkward. I love it. XD ROFL, "self-harm". The Doctor must be the most socially inept creature ever.

I love when they “wake up” and Amy’s like “WTF stomach and ponytail?” Durr-hurr.

“I’m getting on a bit, you see. Don’t let the cool gear fool you.” Durr-hurr-hurr-hurr, Doc. Really funny.

“Are you calling me a boat?” Hah. You said it first, Amy…


There’s still no Arthur Darvill in the stupid opening. There should be. Poor, neglected companions’ boyfriends.

“Never use force, you just embarrass yourself.” Learned that from lots of experience in kicking the console, didn’t you, Doctor? Remember this one:

“Did that help?”


“Did that hurt?”


“You threw the manual in a supernova? Why?”

“Because I disagreed with it! Stop talking to me when I’m cross!”

Gosh, I could make a book of Favourite Quotes From Doctor Who, and half of this episode would be in it. Sort of.

“Look for all the details that don’t ring true.”

“Okay, well, we’re in a spaceship that’s bigger on the inside than the outside.”

“With a bow-tie wearing alien.”

“So maybe ‘what rings true’ isn’t so simple.”

Aaww, Rory, Amy, I love you both. Have I said that already?

OMG, Rory is a doctor! Now he’s just as WIN as the Doctor on all levels! Though he don’t even need to be to outshine him, mind you, but still…

“Let’s go and poke it with a stick.” No, I have no idea why, but that line + the Doc’s facial expression =

“Can we not do the running thing?” Bahaha, shut it, Amy. I’m missing the running here.

“You’re incredibly old, aren’t you?” Durr-hurr-hurr.

I don’t get this episode. One moment I’m laughing my head off, the next I’m scared to death, and at two other times I was crying my eyes out. One of those last mentioned moments occurring only in my head/fanfiction. Yeah, so sue me for being emotional and having a vivid imagination?

Weeeii, Dobby! Scary Dobby, sure, but yanno… At some points you can actually hear the house elf voice though, even though most of the time I went “no way this is the guy that voiced Dobby…!”

How many times did people go on about the bow-tie in this episode? I’m loving it.

What was the Doctor throwing at the Dream Lord, though? Was it a bouncy ball? Really?

“I’ll do the talking, thank you.” And then he asks Amy to take a guess?

“Clothes designed by a first-year fashion student”… Mwihi.


Though I think the doggy would be quite proud of his master if he saw him wearing this. (‘Cause that is a dog, right? ) And I still want that episode with the Doctor, K-9 and Theodora where Theodora gets pissed off for hearing the Doctor being called by what he wants to be called. By a tin dog. Yes, that would be the only reason for me ever wanting him to come back. Now lets stop talking about him. I’m more scared of him right now than usual, ’cause he’s been on my mind a lot. *shivers* Not my fault, I’d like to add…

I love how completely and utterly powerless they both are in this scene.

“You’re a doctor, help her!”

You’re a Doctor!”

“It’s okay, we’re doctors! What do we do?”

Especially the Doctor. Almighty Time Lord with nothing in the whole wide universe able to stop him, completely clueless when it comes to babies. Gosh, and he’s supposed to be a dad? Sure it was a long time ago, but you don’t forget these kinda things, do you? Though I suppose he’s another species, so that could have something to do with it. I mean if Amy had been a Time Lady/Gallifreyan… Though let’s not go into that. It’s bad enough that I know how Sito’s species work in that area.

That last screenshot though… Seriously.

But I wonder if Amy really made it up on the spot, or if it actually did hurt and she just took advantage of it when it stopped? Either way, she’s so awesome. She so totally put the Doctor in his place. Though I kinda wish she hadn’t given Rory a heart attack in the process… He’s still cute, though.

STOP. BASHING. THE. PONYTAIL. The ponytail is cool. Bow-ties are ugly. Can we all settle on that? Okay? Thanks. Sheesh.

What was up with that weird snow-ish rain? I thought for sure it had something to do with the Dream Lord, some sort of sign on that that was the dream. But no. Just rain? It looks weird.

What was with the cup? It reminds me of this angsty fanfiction I read not long ago about the Tenth Doctor missing Donna because he found this old cup in some dark room in the TARDIS that Donna had been drinking from. It was a lot sweeter than what it sounds, I promise… Oh, and I miss Donna and the Tenth. I needed to mention that in this review as well, you know…

“We have to grow up eventually.” Ah, Rory. When you go all “crude reality check”, that’s the only times when I don’t like you. And I could go on a long, depressing, philosophical rant about that the reason to that is because I’m very much trying to escape reality a lot nowadays myself, but I won’t, ’cause I don’t wanna think about that. So there. Moving on.

I do love how Rory goes all butch and tough here though. He’s so caring and sweet and adorable. A tad bit overprotective, but I could live with that. Though he’s taken. Then again, so is Lenore. Ehum.

“There was an old Doctor from Gallifrey, who ended up throwing his life away. He let down his friends, and…”

Not that’s downright spooky. I’m intrigued, mystified, scared, and just a little bit freaked out by that line. For reasons I won’t go into.

Anyone else thinking it...? "Oh look, it's Harry, Ron and Hermione!" Well, I just can't help it, can I? ^^'

“Loves a redhead, out naughty Doctor.” Oh, don’t you dare. Don’t you dare.

I feel bad though, ’cause I used to wish the DoctorDavid would go a bit evil, just because he could go all smexy, mouthwatering Crouch Jr on us all. Now I’ve got a raging new Doctor and an evil version of him called the Dream Lord. I should really stop wishing and guessing stuff, ’cause when it comes to Doctor Who, it tends to come true in a not very nice way.

“There’s only one person in the universe who hates me as much as you do.” Wait, does that mean the Doctor hates himself? Poor thing.

Freakyfreakyfreakyfreakyfreakyfreaky. Though Rory is really cute with his mouth hanging open… Wait, did I just say that?

But what’s with the eyes?

Hitting old people. That is so wrong, and yet so right in this context… it’s freaky. Really.

Did anyone see how that “tree” thingy broke, though? It was like a biscuit, just going into lots of pieces… Reminds me of these really bad shields they had at a medieval fair I was at…

Gawd, I hate that Dream Lord. Few people can really toy around with the Doctor like that. One of them is Theodora. See my point here? They both make great, terrifying villains that we probably haven’t seen the last of. Well, especially since the Dream Lord is in every episode, actually being the Doctor… Now there’s a a scary thought. Wanna bet on him showing up in the sixth series/second season/whatever it’s called?

The Doctor is cold? Now there’s something that’s also scary. He’s never cold.

“I can’t feel my feet and… other parts.”

“I think all my parts are basically fine.”


The poncho isn’t a crime against fashion, Rory, shut it. Ponchos are awesome. I’ve wanted one for ages, I just haven’t gotten around to getting myself one, and… oh. Damn.

“My poncho boys.” Durr-hurr-hurr.

Aaaaww, Rory is so sweet in the nursery.

Though I take it the baby is a girl, then? There were lots of pink stuff in there, along with the sunny yellow walls. Not that I’d disapprove if they bought pink toys to a boy, absolutely not, but you know. If you put pink stuff in a child’s room, the viewer makes the assumption that it’s a girl’s room. If you use blue, they think it’s a boy’s. We read about that kinda stuff in school.

Anyone else got a small heart attack at this guy in the van? I mean, at the first quick glance, kinda thin, dark hair, that brownish coat, the glasses… Or is it just ’cause I miss him so much? Am I that pathetic?

“Anything could happen.” In those clothes. What the hell was that supposed to imply? In a kids’ show. (As I keep saying, but damn. Though I’m not complaining, not at all…) I’m scared.

“The only girl in the universe to whom the Doctor tells everything?”


Wow, confident. Bit too confident, I must say.

“So what’s his name?”

Well, ain’t that foreshadowing River’s return? Though I still think that one day, the HumanDoctor will tell Rose his name. Though by then it won’t matter much, ’cause they’ll both be old and long since married and happy, and the Doctor will be Doctor John Tyler, and they will have a girl named Jacklin Alicia, and… Oh, can you tell I’ve finally actually started on that fanfiction I’ve been talking about for so long? ‘Cause I have. 絵文字

Why does this season keep pointing out the Doctor’s faults so much? I don’t like it. I feel bad, like someone is pointing out my faults. It’s weird, but yeah.

RORY. NO. I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU CUT IT OFF. Seriously, though. If Amy loves you more because you cut off your hair, she doesn’t deserve you. I mean, what kind of a thing to do to prove your love is that? Bleh. Stupid, adorable guy. I love you, ponytail and all. You know that, right? Yikes, I’m sappy.

*bawls through the whole scene* Rory can never die. Promise me that, Doctor Who writers. Never kill Rory off again.

Gosh, the suicide. There’s no other word for it, is there, because they don’t know. Dark stuff. Scary, dark stuff. And Karen is so brilliant, she makes me cry even more by just watching her.

The music when Rory opens his eyes… it’s just magical. And how he and Amy looks at each other, it just… aw. I’m shivering here. And I’m still bawling, mind you. Because in my mind, this scene isn’t happy. Well, it is, because Rory’s alive, of course. But I always watch the episodes through my fanfiction’s POV. And Sito really isn’t good with cold…

So… those diamond thingies? Couldn’t he have destroyed them? They obviously aren’t anything good, and he’s just gonna blow them out into space so someone else can pick them up? I just hope they fly right into a star and evaporates…

It’s kinda weird, in a good way, in a really, really brilliant way, to see a relationship develop between two people travelling in the TARDIS, and it isn’t the Doctor + companion. That he is just someone watching from the sideline. It’s interesting. Never mind that he keeps interrupting and sort of messing up for them. He doesn’t do it on purpose, and it’s adorable. And it seems to make him happy too, so it’s win-win.

Gah. Rory, you’re so frikkin’ cute. I love you.

Had to ruin the adorable ending with that spooky reflection, didn’t they?


Silurians~ And no, I haven’t seen the old Silurian episodes. Not will I manage to get to them before next week. Nor will I jump to those episodes. I’m on the Second Doctor. I won’t jump to the Third just to see some humanoid reptiles running about. Big no-no.

And I doubt this will be able to beat Amy’s Choice. This was, hands down, the best episode since the DoctorMatt came along. Though of course I hope it will be even better. It’s a two-part story too, which is good. I like those, because it kinda feels like those stories have more in them.

OMG, multicoloured scarf. Really, Matt? I think I love you… Whatcha mean you’ve heard that before…?

This reminds me of that I really have to watch Merlin. I’ve watched one or two episodes when I’ve come across them on telly, and I really do want to see it, but I just never get around to it. It’s on my to-do list, though. Yeah.

And ROFL, Quote of the Day: “super-charged giraffe”. WTF, Moffat?

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  1. May 16, 2010 2:23 pm

    Jag satt också och undrade varför de inte gick in i TARDIS! XD

    Och jag fick också “Did that help?”


    “Did that hurt?”

    i huvudet! XD

    • May 17, 2010 12:43 am

      Ja! … Kanske det skulle ha varit för enkelt. XD

      Hihi… Mickey ^^ ❤

      … RORY <333 XD


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