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May 18, 2010

If I could wake up to this every morning…

You know, for the past three days, I’ve discovered that there is such a thing as being Yossy-starved. And it’s not a nice thing to be. Makes me depressed. No, really. I’ve been so into Doctor Who (still am, mind you. still will be, and not even Yossy can stand in the way for that ), the only H!P related stuff I’ve bothered to keep track of is MoMusu’s and ManoEri’s new stuff.

And well, since anything with them nowadays doesn’t come near being half as awesome as anything with Yossy in it, yesterday evening I made sure to catch up. I feel better now, too.

So what I basically did was, I watched a few really old eps of Hello! Morning and some PVs with Yossy in them. Right now I’m listening to the special live she did for her birthday. I’ve been neglecting her so much, I can just feel the part of my heart belonging to Yossy (oh, the sappyness, don’t you just love it? ) swelling up and trying to take in all this love for her at once, when it should have had all this time I’ve neglected her to gradually take it in. Does that make sense? ‘Course it doesn’t. Durr-hurr.

Today I’m gonna keep on listening to Yossy while I get dressed (which I haven’t done yet, shame on me… ), and then I’m gonna go into town and… take care of things. Important things I’ve been neglecting because I just haven’t felt like I could handle them. The seriousness and importance of them. It scares me, but damn it, I’ll get them done. You just watch me. I’ll show all those people who doesn’t believe I can do it.

… And then I’ll come back here and write all about it on my beloved blog.


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