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BEAUTIFUL IDINA IS BEAUTIFUL + Doctor Who and National Holiday

June 7, 2010


Now I’ll have to watch that too. Gosh, that list of things to watch will never end. I’ll be sitting there in my eighties going: “Must… watch… Yukan… Club…” XD

And I don’t feel like writing about Doctor Who. (Though I obviously do anyway. I love it so much. 8D) I just feel… bleh. I miss Rory so much, but I still love The Hungry Earth, Cold Blood and Vincent and the Doctor with all my heart. Almost as much as I love some of the Tenth’s stuff. Which is awesome. Yeah. I’m just not in a review mood. I’ll just sit around emo-ing about how Rory isn’t there, and how there is only three episodes left, and then we’ll have to sit around until autumn before we get any more Who-ish stuff. Life’s hard. Durr-hurr-hurr.

Good news is I’m writing again. I think I almost got a whole chapter down today. ❤ I’d forgotten how much I love Jackie. x)

(What, is it the National Holiday today/yesterday? xD … Psh, I’m way ahead of ya’all. I celebrated that yesterday/two days ago. We had tiny Swedish flags in a cake we ate. Ain’t that neat? … Though I’m kinda sceptic to it all. If only we could celebrate it properly like the Norwegians and Irish do.)

I’m gonna go keep watching Remember Me now. Robert is hot. 8D And Lena Olin is awesome too. She’s Swedish. ^_^ Yay, Sweden! Now, get some fancy nail salons. And more stores where you can buy Japanese stuff. And get more Japanese people to come and sing here. (Especially hANGRY&ANGRY.) And get some Japanese shows on telly. Do away with some of your values. And show Doctor Who and Torchwood, not only on BBC Entertainment/really stupid times in the middle of the night. You can still do all that and stay Swedish, y’know.

… I think. ^^’

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