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Yoshizawa-goodness <3

June 9, 2010

It’s always a great day whenever new pics of Yossy shows up on the picboard of H!O.

Though I can’t help but wonder with my dirty, fangirly little mind what her foot is doing…

Rika is one lucky bastard. But we’ve already established that. Hm.

And I’d kill for Rika’s hat, too. Some people just get all the luck. Right now, I wish they could give me some. Not only in the “meeting hot people” department, though that would be nice too. But couldn’t they decide to kick Rika out of the group and add another girl? A Swedish girl, preferably? Named Lenore? Then I’d have my career.

And I need to do something about my bangs. They’re all crooked, and I’m going out tomorrow. Problem is I can’t cut them on my own to save my life, and Mum’s downright impossible 24/7 nowadays. Oh well. Wish me luck? Both with the hair and the going out tomorrow. Funny how it never stops being one of the scariest thing in he world even though I’ve done it several times now. Guess I just suck like that.

Yeah, I totally believe some emo-ing is good for you. Occasionally.

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