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David-films FTW <3

June 10, 2010

Tennant will play Peter Vincent, a Las Vegas magician who claims to possess expert knowledge of vampires.

You know, it’s not as awesome as actually having him play a vampire, but perhaps it’s just as well this way. I dunno if I’d survive seeing David as a vampire.

I’m so glad for him, though. Though I hope they don’t make the film too scary. Like that thing Mano Erina is doing. I might be a fan of her, but not that big a fan to sit through that film. But with David it’s different. I have to see everything he’s in.

I hope the film will look better than the old one did, but then that’s pretty much the point of a remake, isn’t it? And give the vampires proper fangs, for goodness sake, those yellow things they had in the old film were absolutely horrid and neither sexy nor frightening, as it should be with vampires.

Mmm, David in a vampire film. So great.

Oh, and speaking of David and films, I think St. Trinian’s 2 might be so high up on the EPIC scale that you’d brake your neck trying to spot it. Seriously, it had it all; pirate David (so he wasn’t really a pirate, more an enemy to the pirates, but hey… those are hot too… just look at Norrington), hot girls, David in a Time Lord-y robe (yeah, that was all I could thing about during those scenes… Time Lord DoctorDavid gone evil), pirates, David in cool sunglasses, hot girls dressed as really hot guys (seriously, the emo girl… YUM… oh, and my Takarazuka sense is tingling!), David all secret agent-y, a guy making out with a cross-dressed guy (well, their lips touched, and I’ve watched way too many doramas to not call that “making out”), and David going all RAWR at some girls in a bed. Oh, why wasn’t I one of them?

Plus the music’s still awesome. I was totally singing along when they sat there waiting to shoot all their stuff at the intruders. GIRLPOWER FTW.

We are the best, so screw the rest
We do as we damn well please
Until the end, St Trinian’s
Defenders of anarchy

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