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I bring you…

June 16, 2010

… proof of that Doctor Who is real!

Ah, well, no, not really, I suppose. Though you never know, do you? ;D But this is freaky, a little bit scary, and absolutely brilliant. Take a look!

So I know The Sun is on crack, and it could be a bloke with a long beard and crown, but I’m a Whovian, for goodness sake. If I want to see a TARDIS, and I definitely want to see a TARDIS, then I will see a TARDIS. 8D

This one’s my favourite, though. With the final episodes coming up and all, something epic like this couldn’t have happened at a better time!

The Crack. It’s real.

So, the end of The Lodger. Heart-stopping or what? Now they simply must bring Rory back, right? Because Amy will think the Doc is gonna propose to her or something, freak out (or be really overjoyed, maybe, now when she doesn’t remember her absolutely adorable boyfriend?), and confront him. And either he tells her the truth, or lies about that he’s giving it to River. Then she turns up, and he has to go through with it because Amy’s there, and it becomes awkward and then he has to tell Amy the truth anyway.

But yeah. Yay, River? <– See, I really wish I could’ve put an exclamation mark there instead. I really wish the return of River could make me as happy as it used to do, but I’m just not so sure about her any more. Though of course she’s still a brilliant character. Killing the Doctor has always been unforgivable in my book, though, even if she has to, and even if she doesn’t succeed.

Gosh, how epic this is gonna be. You know, RTD was always good with the epic stuff, but the Moffat-guy never really got to show off if he could do epic or not. Instead, he was really good with the scary. So now, what if he turns out to be really good with both scary and epic? It’ll be… too much. In a good way, though. I’m so exited I could just… I don’t know. Faint? That’s a bad idea, though. I’m just gonna sit here having shivers down my spine as I think about it for a while, I think. Yeah.

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