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Rory ♥

June 27, 2010

HAT ENVY. <333


Remember back in the days, when I reviewed The Eleventh Hour and said Rory was rubbish? Yeah, I was insane. And not in a good way. I’m never going to forgive myself for that one.

Now, I’ve been at his feet since Vampires in Venice, but something about The Big Bang just made me transform into that little pile of drool on the floor that just about only David, John and Yossy have been able to reduce me to. Which is weird, since Arthur still doesn’t really posses that sexy-ness or whatever I shall explain it as. I honestly really have no idea why I’ve fallen so hard for this Arthur Darvill. I don’t mind, though ^^’

He gets all the awesome outfits too. He’s something other than that bloody bow-tie, or fez (thank you River and Amy!) for that matter. Vampires in Venice, period clothing (that I keep going on about), check. The Pandorica Opens, period clothing AND A SWORD, AND A CLOAK, check. The Big Bang, YUM security uniform YUM, hot-as-hell wedding suit and pure, epic, awesome top hat, check. (Granted, the Doc had one too. And he was really awesome and handsome in that suit, he should keep it rather than the tweed. New costume, thank you very much!)

Ehm, if you couldn’t already tell, I’m giddy and so damn happy about the whole episode. Rory is pretty much up there with DoctorDavid and Captain Jack now, on my list of favourite, too-hot-to-handle male characters. And as it looks now, he’s in the Christmas Special too. (I wish he, Amy and the Doc could save Christmas in their wedding clothes. Damn hot, that would be.) Perhaps even the sixth season? Dare I hope he might become a “proper” companion and that we’ll finally get to see Arthur’s name in the credits where it belongs?

Eh, and River is once again up there with Rose, Donna, Susan and Amy. If she “kills” the Doctor, then so be it, I’ll still love her, because now I know she loves the Doctor. Just the amount of emotion she showed when they had to send him up in the Pandorica… Wow. ❤ And damn, when she killed the Dalek, I got chills. It was just that kind of dark, cold, almost evil and morbid, that I love so much, that makes me return to my horror films again and again even though they scare me to death. Except River doesn’t scare my any more. ^^ Now she’s just awesome. And yeah, I don’t mind her having a gun any more, unless you couldn’t tell. 😛 I’m past that now. ^^

… The Doctor still shouldn’t have one, though.

Bring on The Sarah Jane Adventures! Or the Doctor Who prom, whichever I get to see first. And, I have BBC on my computer again. It’s sports news on now. I’m in heaven.

… And “sports news” + “I’m in heaven” is as contradictory as it gets when it comes to something you will hear from me, which I suppose says something about how much I’m loving this. ❤

Life’s good again, failure Midsummer forgotten. Mum bought strawberries yesterday, though. (Sucking up? Her way of saying sorry? Can someone give me an encyclopaedia on mums? ^^’) They’re in the fridge, I’ve nicked one, but she has yet to speak to me so I’ll just keep off the strawberries and out of her way until she feels up to talking again. I hope that’s the best way to go about it.

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