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Bye, bye Luke? Life sucks.

July 3, 2010

‘On-set videos show Luke saying goodbye to Sarah Jane and the rest of the cast, making it likely that he will leave in this series to be replaced by the new character of Series 5. This may also suggest that a plot for an episode will be Luke leaving but is somehow returned to Sarah Jane. This would be the more logical explanation since he is her “son”.


Yeah, and it better be like the italics says, or I’ll be crying my eyes out. (And I know I’m saying that a lot on Whovian occasions, but this will be like… Not as bad as when David left, but… Like when Rose and Donna left. Yeah.) Sarah Jane, K9, Clyde and Rani are all awesome, but Luke is the only one on the show (except when David was on, and except in those upcoming episodes when Matt will be on…) that is hot. And right now I don’t even care how wrong it is for me to think that of a three years younger boy, damn it. (I’ve sort of given up on changing my mind on that one. XD) And anyone saying “hot guys aren’t the point of SJA, or DW either for that matter”, shut it. I know, and that’s certainly not the reason I love the shows either, but come on.  Hot guys are never a bad thing. And how are they going to get by without their genius? Sure they have Mr Smith, but he’s stuck in the attic. Please tell me they’re not gonna invent something that makes them able to carry him around in a Game Boy-ish device? I don’t doubt Luke could fix something like that, and it wouldn’t be a stupid idea either, but… I just don’t want Luke to go. And where should he go, damn it? He’s Sarah Jane’s son, she’d be devastated without him. And so will everyone else. Including me. Yeah. I think I’m done rambling about this.

… Or not. I just realised that as far as geniuses go, they have K9 as well as Mr Smith, and K9 is not stuck in the attic… Darn. >_<

And speaking of DW, my little brother has these weird toys that makes me think of the Toclafane. They’re round, and if you throw them on the floor they open up and reveals extra limbs. No heads or sharp stuff though, but still. Kinda scary.

Okay, now I’m done.

I’m currently at my Dad’s. Fun, that. Screaming siblings and a raging step-mother. I swear she’s evil, just like in the fairytales. Though she’s not really my step-mother, is she…? Please tell me she isn’t. XD

Ehm, well, apart from Altisa, I’m sort of fine. ^^ I love my siblings, even when they scream. ♥ Though what’s not fine is that Dad once again tried to buy himself out of things. He mentioned the “family” (that is, his family, where I’m apparently not included) going to Legoland sometime soon, told me that if I would come with them he’d have to pay for a separate room at the hotel, and then gave me 500 kr and told me I was too old for Legoland anyway. And I, the stupidhead that I am, just “hm”-ed and shrugged. I’m too damn used to him doing this. -_-

Now, what I should have done is tell him right there and then that there are no such thing in my world as being “too old” for anything except maybe… eh… Lådbilslandet? And that’s just ’cause I can’t fit into the cars any more. XD And that I’d very, very, very much would have loved coming with him to beautiful Legoland. I mean, if I can’t get The Wizarding World of Harry Potter or a Disney Park, Legoland is kinda the next best thing. And then I should’ve taken those 500 kr and given it back telling him that “here’s some money for that room”.

That sounds so good in my head. -_- Too bad I probably won’t do it just because I badly need the money. I have no phone, and no money to pay for those stupid bus tickets I have to buy going back and forth to the employment agency (sounds very fancy in English, doesn’t it…) that doesn’t do anything for me anyway. Except give me the occasional panic attack. >_>

Yeah, life sucks. Thank God for Doctor Who in about half an hour.

This computer doesn’t have any smileys. I miss them.

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