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The Vampire Diaries

July 13, 2010

What’s so special about this Bella girl? Edward’s so whipped.”

– Damon Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries

Okay, vampires making fun of vampire books. Especially Twilight. Now I know I’ll be seeing the rest of this show. XD (But that’s kinda what Vampi-chan does too… Heh. I want her to read Twilight, and then I wanna listen as she goes on about how silly it is. >D)

So yeah, The Vampire Diaries. Don’t shoot me. I’m just starving for vampire stuff here. (Pun intended. Every possible pun in this post will be very intended, ’cause vampires and puns go so well together. ^^) And I’ve already seen Eclipse, thank you very much. Twice. It was okay. Though they took away just about every scene from the book that I was particularly looking forward to seeing. And Victoria’s new actress is no good, but we knew that already. At least Edward is still awesome. (The shirt comment about Jacob? Yeah, so much win, I love him even more for it.) The Cullens are the only reason I continue loving these movies, because even Bella was weird in this. But back to Diaries.

Isn’t it funny how I imagine disliking Twilight might have given the show a bit of all that popularity that it has? It’s a bit sad that it is that way, and that I actually love it too for that reason. I mean, not that I didn’t like the show before, but that comment was the first thing that made things… well, fall in place. Kinda like it did with the Doctor in Cold Blood, you know? Though now it wasn’t about a character but a whole show. Because I’ve been doubtful about this show, which is again, just because of Twilight. And that is sad. Plus it doesn’t make sense, because I actually like Twilight, even though I love making fun of it too. It’s my way of coping with being both a Harry Potter and Twilight fan at the same time. XD

But yeah, at least it doesn’t stop me from giving the show a chance. And right now, I’m terribly glad I did. Stefan, Damon and Jeremy are all hot, so there’s that. (Jeremy, BTW, is not even a vampire, so aren’t I a good girl? Though that sorta fails when you look at me drooling over Damon, who is indeed, the bad guy. Oops. That keeps happening to me, now, why is that…?) Elena (and Katherine, mind you) is hot too, and so is Jenna, Bonnie and Caroline. I suppose this is just another vampire-eyecandy-show. No complains there, though. In my world, vampires are supposed to be hot. And the story seems interesting too, though I’m too lazy to spoil anything right now. x) But I’ll stick around, and maybe get add another show to add to Doctor Who, Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Being Human and True Blood as shows of which I’m desperately waiting for the next season to come.

I’ll end this with a somewhat appropriate, but still kinda unrelated pic which had me laughing non-stop for about a minute after I first saw it. With credits to SeraMyu Antics, this is Count Dracul, without the “a”, being awesome and with the truth spelled out beneath him. (Oh, and he makes awesome babies too. True story.)

Now I’ll go continue watch Hikari-sama in that white wig, making me unable to sing along to her songs because seeing her makes my voice go all weak and shivery… Do excuse me… ^////^”

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