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I’ve come to the conclusion that Twilight makes me thick.

July 17, 2010

No, seriously. There I was, watching Vampire Diaries which, I might add, I don’t think is very much like Twilight at all as so many people say. Elena is not like Bella at all, and even though Stefan might actually look a bit like Edward, he’s not as self- deprecating and all that. (Not saying I have anything against Edward being that. He is one of my favourite characters, after all.) … Lets ignore that Stefan might go a bit self-deprecating from now on though, but still.. ^^’

So yeah, this post might contain SPOILERS for The Vampire Diaries. So read at your own risk, kay? And seriously, don’t go all “well, I can read, ’cause I’m never gonna watch stupid Vampire Diaries anyway”… Just don’t. Give it a chance. It does start of as a teenage high school drama/vampire thing, but it really gets away from that later on. (Though in my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with teenage high school drama/vampire things. ^^)

So, anyway. There I was, watching episode 17, and there’s these evil vampires (not Damon ^^’) torturing the life out of my beloved and totally hot Stefan. Well, sort of, anyway. He’s already dead, but here we go again with the vampire puns. I just love them. I still think it’s funny how they didn’t take the opportunity to steal his ring, though, I mean, stupid much? Anyway… XD

Damon, Elena and her history teacher Saltzman, who’s all Van Hellsing-ish because he thought Damon killed his wife when all he actually did was turn her because she wanted to, but that’s another story so lets not go into that now… These three goes on a rescue mission. Saltzman very reluctantly, I might add, since he hates Damon. But he’s needed since he’s got this ring that makes vampires unable to kill him, and Damon can’t go alone since he’ll be staked, and Elena can’t come ’cause she’s just, well… human. Not that she lets that stop her, of course. ^^’

So anyway, they get Stefan out, stake some more vampires, and then Damon and Saltzman gets held back by a bunch of other vampires while Elena drags Stefan towards the car. But another vampire follows them, and Elena comes up with the brilliant idea to give Stefan her blood so that he can get his strength back and fight. Good idea, I think. And this is the part where Twilight has screwed with my mind.

Stefan is a “vegetarian”. Yes, just like the Cullens. Though he doesn’t seem to have a thing for grizzly bears, ’cause according to Damon (who we shall not trust, admittedly, but still ^^’) he is fine with squirrels. But Stefan hasn’t had human blood since… a lot of years. Now here he is, almost dying, and Elena decides to try and be clever. And I’m not realising the obvious since it wouldn’t be that way in Twilight.

A few years back, I would’ve seen this coming. But I’ve noticed this symptom since I started reading Twilight. At the time, I played my beloved Vampiru in a RPG, and even she was satisfied with how I played her back then, and she’s very hard to please. Then I got into those damn, wonderful books, and she got… Twilight-tised. I’ve since fixed that, of course, but I’m never going to forgive myself for that time. I’m never going to forgive myself for this one either. And she’s never going to forgive me for a lot of stuff. XD

Obviously, Stefan is addicted to blood now, all over again. Hard to quit, and all that. And while that is a great cliffhanger, seeing him devouring bags of blood (Damon’s face when he saw it… just damn, it made my heart beat like mad, it was so perfect), it was so… striking and horrifying and brilliant. But how this will go down with his human girlfriend… yeah. I need to go watch the next episode now.

I hate that I love Twilight.

Oh, and True Blood is back, as Raymond and Frida so kindly pointed out to little totally-out-of-the-loop-me. First episode was kick-ass. I was giggling my arse off at the Bill/Sam scene. I wish they had kissed. (It’s troubling me where I’ll get my hot gayness from now, with Ianto gone from Torchwood and Jack. ; _ ; ) And bite me, ’cause I just can’t get used to Anna Paquin’s blonde hair. I’m such a X-man geek, it’s ridiculous. I love her, though. ^_^

And yay. More Eric. 8D

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