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Happy Birthday, Harry Potter! ♥

July 31, 2010

(Yeah, I know there’s another birthday today too. I’m getting to that. ^^’)

30 years, huh? Poor guy, I’m panicking about becoming 20… ^^’

I’m sitting here with my battered copy of Philosopher’s Stone in my lap. It’s covers are falling off. Madam Pince would kill me if she saw it. But inside it, at the very beginning, it says:

Merry Christmas

Maria 2000

From Mum

In Swedish of course, but still. And there’s the old spelling of my name. ^^’

Of course, it didn’t start at Christmas. It all started earlier that year, when I sat down in class one day and our teacher told us something that I will never forget.

I’m going to read you another book soon, and while I read it, I am not going to allow you to draw while I do.

You see, we usually was allowed to draw random stuff while she read to us. Not that I ever did, mind you, I was too into the story to concentrate on anything else. Plus I can’t really draw, but that’s beside the point. That day, when she started reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone to us, I had no idea what it would mean to me. Then when she moved on to Chamber of Secrets, I knew I wanted the books for myself, and that was a first. I was usually happy to borrow books from the library, and I did. A lot.

When I got the first and second books for Christmas that year, I had started to get a hunch about that there was something really special about these books. Twice I managed to read through them both before school started in January. And I read them again, and again, and still didn’t get tired of them while my teacher kept reading the second book to the class. The story was still just as exhilarating even though I knew exactly what was happening next. And two years ago, when I met her at a Harry Potter convention I was working at that she was taking her class on a trip to, I said hello. Apparently, she was currently reading The Philosopher’s Stone to those kids, one of them being my nephew.

From ten years old and on, of course, my obsession only grew. Today I’m thinking about making something yummy to celebrate, both Harry and my a little more than ten years as a Harry Potter geek, as well as Ms Rowling’s birthday. I’m terribly thankful for her being born and all, you know, not only because she wrote those wonderful books, but also because she does so many awesome things, at the same time as she puts up with all the crap people throw at her. I really hope she has a great birthday and celebrates it with her family without thinking of all those people trying to sue her and all. ^^

To Harry,

to Jo Rowling,

and to the ten wonderful years I have loved it all, and still do.

Thank you. ♥

And happy birthday. 😀

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