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Goodness me

August 4, 2010

I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited. Well, I say that, but of course I have. I’m always this excited and hyper and unable to sit still and be quiet and just barking mad whenever something particularly Harry Potter-ish is going on. It’s like I’m high, but without taking any dangerous stuff. High on Harry Potter. And it’s the best thing in the world. ♥

So, Harry and the Potters are coming to Sweden. To bloody Bäsna. 243 kilometres away from my little dump. Seriously. And the concert starts at nine. Goes on to eleven. I feel bad for the people living in Bäsna who aren’t HP fans. ^^’ Of course, that won’t stop me from wrocking out completely beyond reason. XD It’s as it should be, after all. And it was such a long time since I could meet a bunch of HP geeks. I really just want to get better at that. Just… be sociable, damn it. I wish I could go round the country too, but at least I’ll have the blog of the people doing that to follow.

But hey. Life’s pretty awesome right now, at least if you take into consideration how it has been lately. I’m starting school again. Feels awesome, because it means I’ll get money without the employment agency breathing down my neck and making me feel depressed and sad. Plus I’ll get better grades. That’s always a good thing. I’m also planning on, once I have some money again, to go down to the theatre and actually start doing something that involves acting, dancing and singing. About bloody time, I’d say. Two years, it has been, and I’m itching to be in the limelight again. XD

And then in September, it’s Harry Potter Experience X. It’s my eight year now. I should be a Professor rather than a Prefect, really… XD But I don’t have any robes apart from my school uniform ones, so yeah. No can do. Not that I’m complaining, really. As long as people keep telling me I look -18, what can I do? XD

Oh, alright, I admit I love it. ^^ Besides, two days ago I bought a pair of shoes that looks pretty darn close to the ones they have in the movies, so I’m gonna use them. And… I’ve only gone there as Mia one year, every other year I’ve been Hermione (I quit Hermione at my sixth year, now, isn’t that fitting…?), so it’s okay. 😛 Though DumbledoreLen still calls me “Hermione” with his pretty, British accent… which is also okay. More than okay. ^__^ But, and this is cool… I’m kinda planning on going as Harry this year. All I need is glasses and a recolouring of my hair, and then I would be set… I’m already planning on cutting my hair off a bit again, so it would fit. Plus then we could really have all three of them, since we already have another Hermione and a Ron. ;P We’ve always lacked the bravest/stupidest of the three. ^^’ Though I dunno if I would be able to fool anyone, I mean, Ron is awesome that way. ^^’ I’m just so… girly. XD I’ve never played a guy even on stage. Time to fetch ze acting skillz. x)

Heey! Two days to go until I get to wrock out! ♥

And I don’t like my blog. It lacks Harry Potter. It’s not very… personal, right now. I mean, sure it’s geeky, but no one except really hardcore Sailor Moon fans will realise that. XD Anyone out there with Photoshop skills?

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