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Wonder how much money the cut off hair is…? Yeah, no, let’s not go there. XD

August 7, 2010

(I am going to write about the Harry and the Potters concert, I promise. And that post will have pics too, taken by me! Amazing, yes? ^^’)

So will someone please shoot me for actually writing about this. Caring about it. Paying attention to it. Giving a damn about it. Seriously. I feel ashamed of myself. XD

Goodness me. I’ve had really short hairstyles myself, and earlier today I fell in love with a new J-pop group full of girls dressed as boys with short hair, so I obviously have nothing against it. I’m all for it. But this… just no.

So maybe I’m used to seeing her with long hair. She’s had it that way since 2001. Granted. Still. This picture makes me shudder. Yes, really. It’s too short, it just doesn’t fit her. Can I say, I really look forward to it growing out just a bit. A bit. Please. I’m sure she’ll look gorgeous in, say, just a few inches longer. I wonder how fast Emma’s hair grows? Hurry, hurry. ^^’

Mweep. I’m gonna go bury myself somewhere now. I have lots of other, more important and interesting things I want to blog out, so I’ll get to that sometime soon, I promise. ^^’

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