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My last post as a teenager.

August 18, 2010

I’m both happy and depressed about this. Mainly because growing up sucks. All those things you suddenly have to do, the need to be someone. All the sudden expectations.

And happy, because deep down, I know I have confidence, that I am adult enough to know that it’s not childish, that my way of thinking works, and that I can still be whoever I want to be no matter what others say. And that, that is wonderful.

So on this, not particularly special day at all that is tomorrow, I’ll keep going forward at my own pace, in my own mindset. Content. Happy. Sometimes sad. Hopeful. With dreams I want fulfilled, places I wanna go. Not giving up, never ever. Knowing that it will work out in one way or the other. And all that pressure, somehow melts away to give way for all the feelings one should feel at a birthday.

Who cares that no relatives will show up to celebrate? Them being who they are, I don’t want them to. Who cares that my dad is off working? He has to make money, has to take care of his new family. I accept that, because I love my siblings too. Who cares that Mum and I don’t really see eye to eye? It doesn’t matter, because we love each other anyway.

My life is just as awesome as anyone else’s, as long as I stay determined to look at it that way.

Happy Birthday, me. Stay awesome, and have some Ikuto goodness:

Made by KaseiArt @ deviantART

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