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September 9, 2010

Hot guys overload.

Should not be allowed. Just sayin’.

(A tiny shame about Hikaru’s hair though. He should really keep it brown/red. ♥)

And Haru-chan counts as a guy, because she’s just as handsome as one. And I’ve recently realised that somewhere between cutting my hair like Aoi and Yumehito and constantly messing it up for it to not look like a bob cut (or playing James Potter in RPGs is rubbing off on me… ^^’), I inadvertently, somehow, managed to get her hairstyle again. It’s following me around. XD It’s a sign, damn it. Just because I’ve promised myself that she will be my first non-Harry Potter cosplay. Not saying I mind. ^^ Haru-chan is pure awesomeness. And she’s followed around by awesome guys. Win-win. 8D

And GUILTY BEAUTY LOVE is the best song ever. Almost. It makes me giggly and all wobbly at the knees, whether it’s Miyano Mamoru or Vic Mignogna who sings it. Yep.

But enough with the Ouran love. It’s too bittersweet, with it ending soon and all. ; _ ;

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