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September 11, 2010

Today I read an article that tried to explain how a Japanese name worked, and there were lots of hiragana scattered about in the text. Now usually, when I read something that mixes Swedish and English, or when I switch between talking/writing in those two languages, I don’t even notice, and that’s how I know I’m good at them. Sort of. XD So imagine my happiness when I realised I’ve read half of this article without noticing the hiragana, but just reading the characters like they were a part of the rest of the text! (Which yeah, they kinda were, but you know what I mean. xD) It means I’m getting lots better at Japanese (hiragana, anyway ^^’), that it’s becoming kinda natural for me and I don’t really have to think when I read. 😀


I recently realised that while this actually happens to be my blog, I haven’t written one word about the fact that I’m actually going to school again nowadays. ^^’ But yes, I am currently brushing up on my old grades so that I can go to a proper university later. Something drama/musical oriented, of course.

Point is, it’s actually fun. After two years of rest, school finally seems fun again. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not completely mad, because it’s not like I enjoy doing homework, really. ^^’ But it finally feels like I’m doing something with my life, like I have a goal again. 🙂


Look at the mess my blog is in. ; _ ;

Someone who is good with Photoshop help me put it right, ne~? ^__^

(And no, it doesn’t help that WordPress is pissing me off now, too, just like Blogger used to. Is there no blog site out there that like me? -_-)

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