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No spoilers, promise.

November 18, 2010

I’m gonna keep away the spoilers for this, kay? And I won’t call this a review. More a ramble with lots of opinions thrown in, and how I feel about it all. Awesome, yes? How awesome? This awesome…

Yes, I'm amused. Out of all those shots with awkward words edited into the background, Snape gets the one word I love to use, and do so... excessively. Anyone who reads this blog knows that part. It's both terrifying, disturbing and, well... awesome.

So… I often say that “I have no words”, and while I sat on the train home tonight trying to figure out how I should write this, I once again thought of using them. But then I properly thought about it, and those words are really rubbish, aren’t they? If I didn’t have any words, then I wouldn’t be able to write a blog post about it. So I won’t say that this time. Instead, I will say that there are an incredible amount of words to be said about this film.

I’ll start out very simply. “Wow”. Yes. It’s that good.

Now, I don’t know whether it has to do with the fact that I am so good at separating the books and the films these days, having had to learn to do that the hard way after the whole Harry Potter and Snape… thingy. (Do I have to write it out that “Harry Potter and Snape” = my name for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince? I shouldn’t have to. Yet I just did. Bleh.) But it’s like… haters gonna hate. People need to be able to separate these films from the books, because it will never be the same. That way, they will get much more out of looking at them. I like my description of the films as “a Muggle version of the books”. But it’s still Potter. Wonderful, wonderful Potter.

*eats more chocolate to stay awake* Oh God, Remus. ❤

He’s awesome, by the way. Somehow, even those characters who got an incredibly small amount of screentime manages to really shine. Everyone seems somehow… perfect. Even those actors and actresses I usually don’t really like in how they portray their characters. Maybe it’s because I pay so much attention to them all, knowing it is the last time I will get to do so. Or perhaps they knew, while filming, that it was the last time, and so really put and extraordinary amount of everything into their performance. Maybe it’s a combination. Rupert (<3), Daniel (LOL, ladies underwear), Emma (dat kiss), David (siriusly, you will never be my Remus, but I love your Remus anyway), Natalia (best Tonks ever), Alan (truly, no words for this one), Julie (Mollywobbles!), Mark (brilliance), James and Oliver (I wanna hug them again), Bonnie (gurl, you got catcalls) , Evanna (thank you), Robbie (no one else could play Hagrid), Matthew (kick-ass), Tom (I’m still in denial about how hot you are, but you rule as Draco), Ralph (terrifying, always), Freddie (YUM), Dave (if it weren’t for Moony, you’d be the most awesome werewolf ever), Helena (awesome fashion sense, the best Bella, you make me feel really proud about playing her too, rather than terrified that I might actually be somewhat good at it XD), Jason (Luscious, you are <3), Timothy (they really messed that one up, didn’t they? It makes me really, really sad and angry, because your Wormtail is love, no matter what anyone, even me,  says), Imelda (Hem-hem. You. Are. Awesome.), Brendan (I don’t think I’ve ever switched so fast between wanting to scream at someone and then cried my eyes out over that very same person), George (“I don’t like Snape.” DUDE. You’re brilliant.), Harry (they messed you up too, didn’t they? I’ll just pretend everything happened before the cameras was turned on, kay? 🙂 ‘Cause you’re an awesome Big D, even though you’re not blond ^^’), Fiona (I love you for that single closeup. Thank you <3), Richard (made of amazing), Clémence (can I have your wedding dress, thanks? You made me squeal over Fleur/Bill, I’ve never done that before), Frances (I didn’t even know you were going to be in this film! I was SO HAPPY), John (you are, in many ways, one of the most awesome things in the first film. I have missed you), Miranda (yes, I hate you. And that’s a good thing ^^’), Toby (oh, I can’t even bring myself to say anything bad about you, Dreamlord and all. Thank you, for always making Dobby sound the best <3), Warwick (how many roles have you played, now, in these seven films? You’re brilliant, you are. I don’t know if I would be able to stare down HelenaBella like that), even Michael (I was always in tears when you were on screen. Damn you for looking the part so much at times). You are all awesome. And the new cast, don’t get me started. They’re all so hot. And with some of them, I really mean “hot” as in, you know, not just unbelievably awesome, but really, really hot and gorgeous. (Evil-totally-sexy-bad-guy-Snatcher, who are you and who did you play? *looks it up* Oh. Oh, dear, dear. Why couldn’t he have been just as hot out of costume? ^^’) And, ehm, if I forgot someone’s name above, it was on purpose. ^^’ Not saying that person is bad, not at all. I just can’t see that person as that character no matter how I try.

The music is brilliant, though it didn’t strike me as much as some of the music from the other films have done. It never made me stop and go “WOW” like I remember has happened before in previous films. But it fit. It never seemed out of place.

The sets. Oh, the sets. Half of them seems like plucked right out of my mind, the rest of them is amazing nonetheless. As I’ve already mentioned on FB, I really, really want to live in Grimmauld Place, having Pads’s room as mine. Even if it lacks the scantily clad Muggle girls. x) Or who knows, maybe they were there, but they just never made it on camera. So much of these sets never do, which is really sad but, I guess, necessary. How accepting I am these days. XD

This film is truly amazing. It’s not the book, but no film will ever be, so whatever. Though I have things I don’t like about it, the cast does a brilliant job. Nothing feels particularly rushed. The pacing, how one scene switches from another, is totally epic at times, enough to give you chills. It’s truly frightening. The camera angles… At one point, there is a scene viewed from above involving one of the things in HP I fear the most, which really freaked me out. So many scenes made me twitch in my chair, or involuntarily made me push myself into the back of it as if I wanted to escape. I actually screamed out loud a few times, though luckily, other people in the cinema did too, so it wasn’t embarrassing. ^^’ I cried. Oh, I cried. I began after just a while, then I got scared enough several times to stop, and then the last part of the film just had me bawling all the way through. And I kept crying when I got home too. But there were jokes in there too, wonderful jokes. The whole cinema was laughing at times, and clapping their hands.

And finally, one non-spoilery nitpick. The credits weren’t special at all. No Marauder’s Map, no weird smokey effects. Just white text on a black background. Really, now. Lazy Warner Bastards. ❤


I am so lifting this whole spoiler ban after the nineteenth. I wanna WRITE about it all properly. ❤

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