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Today’s film.

December 26, 2010

Not gonna claim I got everything since there were no subs, but I got what it was about anyway. The general idea. And a bit more. *feels proud* ^_^ And that it was awesome anyway just proves it was really good, right? ^^

Fail things
– Zoroark’s ponytail, as usual. It cracks me up, especially when she ran and it sort of swayed from side to side behind her. Yeah, not even the fact that she is indeed a girl helps. She’s so much less kick-ass with it. The eyes still wins me over, though. ^^
– Shiny Raikou and Entei. Those two just doesn’t look good in those colours.
– Small amount of Team Rocket. Though the films have had that going on a lot lately. And I totally forgot that as soon as I saw James lying on that boat thing with the wind whipping though his hair at the end… ❤
– Zoroark not talking like Zorua did. I mean, why not? I’m gonna pretend she just played cool and didn’t want to. ^^
– Kodai’s suit. WTF?
– … as well as the fact that he cut off his hair. Okay, so you saw yourself with short hair in a vision where you were all succesful and junk, but still. So not cool.
– Celebi. Celebi, Celebi, Celebi. The epitome of fail things, you are. And evil. I don’t care if you saved Zoroark. You’re a manipulative little time traveller. And I don’t mean that in a good way. I mean that in a way like you and Theodora would get along, not you and the Doctor.
– Evil Ash never making it into the film. Honestly. Biggest let-down ever. Perhaps even bigger than when they made Hun a guy. Or gave her a male voice anyway. Whatever.

Good things

– …Everything else. Particularly James and Ash and Dawn and the other big amount of hot people showing up during the ending song. Yes. 8D
– Also, Zorua sleeping in Zoroark’s hair. So cute. ^^ Ignoring the ponytail, of course.
– Shiny Suicune. I want one. ❤
– Rioka is hot.

This is a good film. Not the greatest, but I knew it wouldn’t be, with Celebi in it. ^^’ So yay. ^_^

Oooh, I’m blogging. 8D

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