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A Christmas Carol

January 16, 2011

Much delayed review is delayed. XD Uhm, but, yes. A Christmas Carol. Doctor Who. SPOILERS. Although if there is someone who hasn’t seen this by now, I feel sorry for you. I mean, I would’ve walked through fire to get to see it on Christmas Day. Sort of. Or managed to get a computer with functioning sound even though the one I had had died on me, and managed to find a quiet enough place to watch the episode uninterrupted in a house filled with eight children and two or three rather drunk and loud dads. Which is what I did. That equals going through fire, yes? I am kinda happy Christmas celebrations are more or less over on the evening of the 25th in Sweden though. Imagine having to postpone watching Doctor Who. The horror.


But yes. I have a new, shiny computer now. My own, my precious. So on with the review.


Amazing planet is amazing. How do they make it looks so real? ^^’

The sound the spaceship make sound very familiar. Someone tell me which earlier spaceship in Doctor Who made that sound? KTNX.

“Who’s in the honeymoon suite?” Who, indeed? I was smiling like a fool here, the first time. Oh wait, I do that every time. Rory~ ❤ And Amy, of course. She’s also WIN, just not as much WIN as Rory. Though I’ve missed them both. Mostly Rory. XD

Enter Amelia Pond! *still doesn’t like Amelia, but it sounds more impressive with long name* Ahaa, gotta love that skirt. And those legs. And, well, Amy. In general. ❤ I like how her hair is curled. At least I think it is curled. It looks different, doesn’t it? From previous episodes? Yes? Tell me I’m right and not just rambling about and being hair-obsessed all over again. Oh wait, no need to tell me I’m not hair-obsessed, I am. But tell me I’m not wrong. XD

ENTER RORY WILLIAMS! No wait, Rory Pond! Or Williams-Pond? Or Pond-Williams? The Doc (here we go again ^^’ but at least nowadays “the Doc” is used affectionately, and not because I don’t see him as the Doctor, like it was before…) calls him Mr Pond. Is he serious or not? Rory, what’s your name nowadays? XD I wanna know so I can fangirl properly!

Oh God, period clothing. Does Amy have a fetish for that, or is it just the Roman one? Either way, you know, I hope to see more of it. 8D Cause I totally share Amy’s fetish. *cough*Wut?*cough*

Just a bit of fun?” I. Am. Way. Too. Intrigued. ^__^ And very, very jealous of Amy. Gosh, will this ever stop? Will I spend the rest of the season (and hopefully some future seasons) throwing glances at Rory and wishing I was Amy? I think Captain Jack needs to come along so I can stare at something that isn’t taken. ^^’

Come along Pond…” <333

WHAT IS THIS GORGEOUS OPENING I HAVE NEVER SAID ANYTHING BAD ABOUT EVER IN ANY OF MY REVIEWS? I LOVE IT, YES I DO. <333 (Amazing what a bit of Arthur Darvill can do to change my mind… XD)

Pretty city is pretty. I love all these future-but-still-old-fashioned places that always turn up in sci-fi and stuff. I hope the future really does turn out to look all Victorian-ish and steampunk and all that. ^^

OMG, IT’S FAKE-DUMBLEDORE! YAY MICHAEL GAMBON! Seriously though, I love the guy when he’s not messing up Dumbledore. Even though that might not be his fault. Yes. ^^’

Those Willy Wonka-ish goggles some people are wearing are cool.

The Crystal Feast.” I love that, for some reason. It sounds pretty. Bet that’s what they end up celebrating in the future in Crystal Tokyo. *random Sailor Moon-moment* x)

I have never heard of Katherine Jenkins before. Is that bad of me? ^^’ But she’s really pretty and all that. 🙂 She looks like a Disney Princess or something. ^^ And sounds like one, too. 😀 And Abigail is cool. *really, no pun intended* ^_^’ Her surname is cool to, I mean. Pettigrew. ^^ *Marauder-fangirls*

I just realised this is the first review of a Christmas Special I make. *raises glass* Oh wait, it’s empty! *hurries away to refill it* Cheers for my first Doctor Who Christmas Special review! Here’s to Rory being in the next one too! 8D

Well, it’s a kind of landing…” That really shouldn’t make me LOL, should it? ^^’ But it does. Sorry. I think it’s just the whole… well, Dumbledore thing. Sci-fi Dumbledore… XD

TARDIS! ❤ Oooh, that sound could make me smile anywhere, anytime. Sure I’ve said that before, but still. <333

DoctorSanta! That is now official. KAY. Kay. Moving on. ^__^

Aaaand, he’s off! All over again. And how we have missed his rambling. ❤

I feel like I need to stop a bit in the gushing here and mention that Matt still will never be my Doctor like David was, of course. But he’s certainly in second place by now, even though I still don’t like some of the things he says. But the way he is and talks and acts, well, makes him DoctorMatt, and that’s just how it should be, right? 🙂

Jeff? Jeff? Wut? Doctor… ? Explanations are in order. As always. I still wanna know what the Earth being “a fully established, level 5 planet” means, and that’s from frikkin’ Eleventh Hour. Which was in April. Last year. Just sayin’.

Give me time. And a crayon.” Aaah, bring out that book with favourite Doctor Who quotes again, I have things to add! ^_^

In 900 years of time and space I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important before.” ❤

That whole isomorphic (wait, wut, spellchecker tells me that’s a real word, I didn’t know that… XD) thing is brilliant. YES.

Do you know where that puts you? 4004.” I am so torn between if I like this or not. Death threats. One one hand, the Doctor does kill. Frequently. On the other hand, he kinda, well, doesn’t. (Except he does.) Or I’m just in denial because I want him to be a good person. A hero. Not an anti-hero. (Even though most anti-heroes are lots cooler than actual heroes.) This isn’t making any sense anymore, not even in my head. Bleh. Perhaps you get my point anyway.

The whole sequence where the Doctor talks really, really fast and spots details and clues and stuff in the room and make all those deductions screams Sherlock. Well actually, “screams” doesn’t cover how similar it is. Not that I mind. Because I love it. And if anyone except Sherlock Holmes could get away with doing stuff like that it would be the Doctor. And Sito. But still. Pointing out. ^^

And this pic is funneh. Look at how the Doctor seems to stand. He's doing that Michael Jackson dance step thingie. XD

Back to Rory~ And I fully plan to point out every time he’s on screen in this review. ‘Cause even if he really isn’t a lot in this episode he totally steals the show and is gorgeous anyway. ^^

Amy is lying to Rory. She’s telling liez. SHE DOESN’T DESERVE HIM. *calms down* Okay, okay, come here Jack, give me a kiss… now. Is the new Torchwood starting soon? I need eyecandy that isn’t married or will be or doesn’t do Humans or are otherwise unavailable. (= the Doctor. ‘Cause he might one day be married to River, there is certain complications with him loving Humans as every Doctor/Rose shipper sadly knows, and he’s as unavailable as they get either way. And this review is starting to sound like something that could strictly be from Lee’s part of view. Screw my self-inserts for taking over my life. Oh wait, too late. *fail*)

*gets too caught up in the episode to comment for a while*

Quantum enfolding and a paperclip? Again, I am intrigued.

That lottery thing reminds me of that competition they fooled the Dursleys off to in Harry Potter when they were taking him to Grimmauld Place in the fifth book for some reason. Heh. ^^’

Mmmm, Matt. ❤ Ghost of Christmas past. ❤ David is ghost of Christmas present. Rory/Arthur or Jack/John can be ghost of Christmas future if they want to. Then I’ll gladly go all grumpy and Scrooge/Sardick for a while during next Christmas so they can all come and hang out with me. ^__^

Have you ever seen Mary Poppins? Good, because that comparison would’ve been rubbish.” Mwihihih. I have never seen Mary Poppins either. (No, really.) But I know the story, sort of. ^^ And I totally agree with the Doc. Even though he’s got SOCIAL INEPTITUDE with capital letters. (Or does twelve-year-old boys talk girls? They don’t, right? *clearly has got some social ineptitude as well* I think Lee is rubbing off on me…)

How did boredom even get invented?” That’s a really good question. Personally, I never get bored, but still. It’s really a crappy thing to get, isn’t it? Bored, I mean. *rambles on for a bit almost like the Doctor* I say almost, ’cause of course I could never do it as good as he does. But still. ^^

Mummy? Mummy? Was that a nod to The Empty Child or am I just getting creeped out for no reason?

Why are you so interested in fish?” “’Cause they’re scary.” Good answer indeed. Could’ve come right out of my mouth, if I had been as smart as that boy. *cough*

Lalalala, bow ties are not cool. One day we will settle that once and for all, and the world will be a much better place. Yay.

I wear it, and I don’t care.” Kay, have to give this one to him, I suppose. ‘Cause that’s pretty much my philosophy when it comes to wearing what I want to too. ^^’ I still don’t like when he asks people to trust him, though… The first time he did that, with the gun and all, ruined those words forever for me. But that’s one of the things that makes DoctorMatt now. So it’s really all good. 🙂

There’s a shark in my bedroom?!” That line. Only in Doctor Who. ❤

Oh yay, the shark is my new hero. It wrecked the ugly screwdriver! 8D

But why so many cold places? Poor Sito won’t be able to go anywhere. XD *teasing* Wait, so that’s why he doesn’t like the Christmas Specials…

Yes, Doctor. When someone sings that beautiful, shut it. Or the fish just won’t bite your cheeks next time. *gives bad mental images to everyone who reads this* >D

Fishies among the clouds. So pretty. ❤

Oh God, the boy’s got a bow tie now. Am I to believe he spent the rest of his life wearing those? Poor thing. x) You’re a bad influence, Doc.

You know, in Hawaii, Santa actually comes in a canoe with dolphins. Just throwing that out there. Just call me Stitch. ;P

Oh dear, the fezes. Where’s River when you need her? XD But YAY for multicolored scarfs!

Aaah, the Doctor knows nothing about girls. How lucky it is that Lee’s around, right? *shot*

Ooh, they celebrated most of Christmas on Christmas Eve because Abigail visited. Like in Sweden. ^^

It’s this or going to your room and designing your kind of screwdriver. Don’t make my mistakes.” Aaaw. ; _ ; That kinda makes me a bit sad. And teary. At the same time as it makes me smile. But don’t worry, Doctor. Lots of people love you, you know. ^^


And I love how famous women (and a lot of non-famous women too, of course XD) keep falling for him. Like, ehm, “the Virgin Queen”, and now Marilyn Monroe. I totally worship whoever changed Monroe’s Wikipedia page for a moment though, after this episode. Whoever you are, you are awesome. That whole part with him trying to break up the kissing is, too.

I wonder how long the Doctor had to wait between Kazran telling him he didn’t want him to come next Christmas and once he stood by that window. And where and when he waited, you know? I mean, I can’t imagine the Doctor just hanging around keeping an eye on Kazran and watching him grow up the slow, normal way. He’d get bored. But he couldn’t have gone back to the present either, ’cause then Amy and Rory (<3) would be closer to crashing and stuff. Getting time traveling induced headache now. What do you think? ^^’

Michael Gambon has pretty… womanly nails, doesn’t he? ^^’ *very random observation*

Amy and David are both the ghosts of Christmas present? Hotness overload.

A ghost? Dressed like that?” Bwahaha, Fake-Dumbledore, I love you. ^^

Eyes off the skirt.” *breaks down into giggles* Oh, Rory. Marry me… oh wait. Never mind. XD

You turned into a Roman.” “Yeah, yeah, I do that.” ROFL. XD

It must be terrifying seeing yourself as an old man/woman like that. Like… one day I will be this weak, bald old person with that stick in my hand. No more able to run around and climb trees and stuff. No matter that I happen to be grumpy and mean. Or perhaps that’s just me.

But should Kazran be able to touch his younger self like that? When Rose did it in Father’s Day she caused a paradox. Or was that only because those bats were around? I forget. Though maybe the Doctor has found a way to prevent that kind of stuff by now. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Or it just saves me a plothole. Either way. ^^’

And here’s the song with all the Silences. Really, now, Moffat. I’m gonna end up scared to death by this Silence before I even know what it is, with those hints dropping everywhere and giving me the creeps. >_<

Lucky Amy~ ❤


Gosh, Rory is cute. ❤ *needed to say that*

You know, that can almost be mistaken for a real person. The snowman isn’t bad either.” I love you, Amy.

Rory’s face when Amy hugs the Doctor is the cutest thing ever. ❤

Just for teh lulz. And the Rory-hotness. ^_^




Running! Naked River! Rory! ❤ Jammy dodgers! Creepy dolls!

I wear a Stetson now. Stetsons are cool.” Yeah, actually a lot more cool than both bow ties and fezes, I have to agree…

Doctor with HAIR. In Area 51. Now why is that somehow sexy? Eh, the HAIR bit, not that he’s in Area 51. Which I’m just kinda guessing anyway.

Monsters are real.” Which basically means Moffat will scare me just as much this next season as he’s always done. Oh the joy. (No, I mean that. Really.)

Last obligatory picture of the hottie of this show. Yessss. ❤

P.S. Russell Tovey narrated for this Confidential. I hope that means he (and Jack) is gonna be involved in something more Whovian again soon. ^^

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