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Tanjoubi Omedetou, Akira-san!

January 20, 2011


This is the first time in eight years they have worked together. Eight years.

Aaah, my babies. I mean, sure they’re both older than me (Akira is 34 todaythirty-four… yikes), but still. Sailor Moon is my childhood and my present, I will always love it, and this is my Usagi-chan and Kunzite. Even though they didn’t become my Usagi-chan and Kun-kun until I was 16-ish, it kinda feels like they’ve always been there. Like Miyuu-chan were hiding behind Mitsuishi-san (and behind Annelie Berg when I was six and didn’t know better than to like the Swedish dub, though nowadays it still holds sentimental value for me ^^’) and that white-haired, hot, gay person (he’s not completely straight, anyway :P) always hid that black-haired, very hot, not really gay person (still not entirely sure he’s completely straight though, but who in BSSM really are ^^’). That’s not to say I’m not a fan of anime!Kunzite/anime!Zoisite together. ‘Cause those two are awesome. I just happen to like live-action!Kun-kun and live-action!Zoi a bit more. ^^’

Nickname galore! It’s a wonder Zareb hasn’t become “Za-za” or “Zebu” yet, though perhaps he would indeed kill me if that happened. Better not push it, ne? ^^’

I am sad about this blog. Because it’s so ugly, and I lack the ability to do anything about it. Bleh.

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