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My fanfictions:

The Story of a Sailor Senshi (Sailor Moon): Lamest title ever, but it being the first fanfiction I ever finished, it’s my baby and probably the one I’m most proud over. Combines my own favourite elements of the manga, anime, musicals and live action into what I’d like to think is a pretty unique story. Features my original character and self-insert Sorano Hoshiko as Sailor Sedna, as well as her Guardian animal, the dog Zareb.

Currently writing on a sequel (The Story of a Sailor Senshi R), and have written several spin-offs and one-shots.

In Swedish, with the occasional Japanese words and sentences thrown in for atmosphere.

Doctor Who Fanfiction: Currently having no title, this is my so called “self-fulfilment” fanfiction. Features my “Queen of Self-inserts”, Lenore Jensen, and her alien friend, nicknamed “Sito”, travelling in the TARDIS with the Ninth Doctor.

In English.

Special Generation (Harry Potter): Post-Potter, this is about four students attending Hogwarts in 2012 who becomes friends and decides to form the new generation of the marauders. Warning for nostalgia, lots of familiar faces popping up, some parodies of the books, as well as a self-insert. Oh, and Snape’s still alive. Don’t worry, there’s an explanation for that. Eventually. ^^’

In English.

Chapter One – A Fairytale Come True

Chapter Two – Getting a Home

Chapter Three – Hogwarts, Snape and Dumbledore

A Green Story (TMNT): Hamato Sorano, the daughter of Master Splinter and member of the Foot Clan, leaves Japan to search for her father in America. What she finds is far more than that.

Another self-insert, in Swedish with English dialogue for the characters speaking the language, as well as some Japanese words and sentences thrown in.

Completely Nameless Pokémon Story aka CNPS: Named so just to remark on my inability to come up with proper names, it’s about Ash finding out who his real father is, as well as meeting up with an old, powerful friend and ending up in trouble.

In English.

The Light of Meridian’s Story (It sounds catchy, doesn’t it…?): My W.I.T.C.H. fanfiction written from Elyon’s POV. W.I.T.C.H. is about to become W.I.T.C.H.E.S. Elyon is the Guardian of Light, but will she handle the responsibilities of that as well as taking care of her kingdom? And who is the other girl that will join the W.I.T.C.H.(E.S.) girls?

In Swedish.

A Different Mew Mew (Tokyo Mew Mew): Kiui is a hard-headed alien sent to Earth along with Kisshu, Pai and Taruto to reclaim the planet as their species’. But being in a relation ship with Kisshu, she is devastated when he starts to fall in love with their enemy Ichigo. And as if it wasn’t enough, is it possible Kiui could be a Mew Mew herelf as well?

In Swedish, with some Japanese words and sentences thrown in.

A Pirate’s Tale: Anna Mariah Sparrow, daughter of Jack Sparrow and Anamaria, grows up in Tortuga hearing stories about her father. But when she finally gets to meet him, will it really be as wonderful an adventure as she imagined?

Another self-insert, in English.

About my fanfictions, yes, I do write lots of self-inserts and it’s a lot about living out my own fantasies when I write them. And yes, a lot of it could be classified as Mary Sue. I just want to clarify that personally, I don’t think that has to be a bad thing. A Mary Sue can be believable, it can be well written, and it can be good. I’m in no way implying that I’m an awesome writer or even particularly good, I own nothing, and I do this only for fun. But I try to stay as realistic as I can (within the universe, of course, so there’s still magic in Special Generation, and so on…) with my characters even if some of them might classify as self-inserts and Mary Sues. If you’re gonna complain on that, go elsewhere, ’cause I won’t care.

I like Mary Sues. The believable and well-written ones.
And I strive to make my ones be just that.

Just wanted to make that clear, though I shouldn’t need to. 😛 There’s so many great self-inserts and Mary Sues out there already.

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