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September 9, 2010

Hot guys overload.

Should not be allowed. Just sayin’.

(A tiny shame about Hikaru’s hair though. He should really keep it brown/red. ♥)

And Haru-chan counts as a guy, because she’s just as handsome as one. And I’ve recently realised that somewhere between cutting my hair like Aoi and Yumehito and constantly messing it up for it to not look like a bob cut (or playing James Potter in RPGs is rubbing off on me… ^^’), I inadvertently, somehow, managed to get her hairstyle again. It’s following me around. XD It’s a sign, damn it. Just because I’ve promised myself that she will be my first non-Harry Potter cosplay. Not saying I mind. ^^ Haru-chan is pure awesomeness. And she’s followed around by awesome guys. Win-win. 8D

And GUILTY BEAUTY LOVE is the best song ever. Almost. It makes me giggly and all wobbly at the knees, whether it’s Miyano Mamoru or Vic Mignogna who sings it. Yep.

But enough with the Ouran love. It’s too bittersweet, with it ending soon and all. ; _ ;


My last post as a teenager.

August 18, 2010

I’m both happy and depressed about this. Mainly because growing up sucks. All those things you suddenly have to do, the need to be someone. All the sudden expectations.

And happy, because deep down, I know I have confidence, that I am adult enough to know that it’s not childish, that my way of thinking works, and that I can still be whoever I want to be no matter what others say. And that, that is wonderful.

So on this, not particularly special day at all that is tomorrow, I’ll keep going forward at my own pace, in my own mindset. Content. Happy. Sometimes sad. Hopeful. With dreams I want fulfilled, places I wanna go. Not giving up, never ever. Knowing that it will work out in one way or the other. And all that pressure, somehow melts away to give way for all the feelings one should feel at a birthday.

Who cares that no relatives will show up to celebrate? Them being who they are, I don’t want them to. Who cares that my dad is off working? He has to make money, has to take care of his new family. I accept that, because I love my siblings too. Who cares that Mum and I don’t really see eye to eye? It doesn’t matter, because we love each other anyway.

My life is just as awesome as anyone else’s, as long as I stay determined to look at it that way.

Happy Birthday, me. Stay awesome, and have some Ikuto goodness:

Made by KaseiArt @ deviantART

Why does awesome manga have to end?

August 18, 2010

ROFL, Ikuto and Tadase. XD “… Let go.” “… You first.” WIN. ❤ Gosh, Amu is lucky. X”D And yeah, this pic isn’t spoilerific at all… Good going there, Mari… XD

Sheesh, I’m talking to myself. But I can’t help feeling loopy. It’s the result of feeling sad, happy, depressed and fangirly at the same time. Maybe. ^^’ But yes. This post will be extremely spoilerific in case you haven’t read the end of Shugo Chara! yet. Ehum.

But can I just say, I really wanna kiss Kukai? Seems like he’s one hell of a kisser. 8D So hot. Lucky Utau.

Though we all know Amu is the one everyone envies. Having two so totally gorgeous guys fight over you must feel wonderful, even though if she has any sense in that head of hers, she will end up with Ikuto. Which we, of course, all know she will. ^__^ (Unless she goes for Tadase and sends Ikuto to my house, so that I could suddenly find him in my bed, that’s be pure awesomeness… Though I’m starting to get too old for my manga/anime crushes now. *cries* The curse of being a shoujo lover, I suppose…)

My only disappointment… Well, I would’ve wanted Yoru in the end along with everyone else, and there’s also the fact that Ikuto’s cat ears will never pop up again. Though he pulls of the neko look even without them, really… Yeah. ❤ YUM.

The part that really got my heart beating (apart from every scene Ikuto’s in, but that’s already so obvious I won’t include it XD), was when Aruto showed up and grabbed Souko’s hand. So sweet, and it makes me so happy for Ikuto’s sake. :’D Now when he won’t have to go look for his father again, he can stay with Amu and be all rabu rabu. ^^

… Though I still feel bad for Kairi. He’s so sweet, awesome and adorable, and I have no one I want to see him paired up with. XD You see, my pairings goes like this; Ikuto/Amu, Tadase/Yaya, Nagi/Rima, Kukai/Utau and Nikaidou/Sanjou. I’m glad that three out of five comes true too. ^^ Well, six, really. Ikuto is way more convincing than Tadase, as we’ve already settled. XD But poor Kairi us left all alone. Ah well. I’m free. ^^’ (Now I really am a perv. He’s like… ten. *dies*)

As for the anime, I never did finish it. I don’t think I will, either. Maybe one day, if I find myself with a lot of time on my hands (ha, free time, what’s that? XD), I might sit down and watch whatever I have left of Party!. Ehm, even though I know the ending already, and it sucked. XD And yes, I skipped. Sue me. But… I think the anime might just have been to much Tadamu for me. XD Whereas in the manga, we all know, deep down, that it will end up like this:

I mean, come on. If this is the cover of the last chapter… I even thought they were gonna pull a Tokyo Mew Mew and get married at the end, because of all that white. XD But yeah, no, bad idea. Amu is still only twelve. ^^’ *keeps forgetting that* x)

; _ ; </3

August 8, 2010

Hell no, Tsunku. Racist bastard.

Wonder how much money the cut off hair is…? Yeah, no, let’s not go there. XD

August 7, 2010

(I am going to write about the Harry and the Potters concert, I promise. And that post will have pics too, taken by me! Amazing, yes? ^^’)

So will someone please shoot me for actually writing about this. Caring about it. Paying attention to it. Giving a damn about it. Seriously. I feel ashamed of myself. XD

Goodness me. I’ve had really short hairstyles myself, and earlier today I fell in love with a new J-pop group full of girls dressed as boys with short hair, so I obviously have nothing against it. I’m all for it. But this… just no.

So maybe I’m used to seeing her with long hair. She’s had it that way since 2001. Granted. Still. This picture makes me shudder. Yes, really. It’s too short, it just doesn’t fit her. Can I say, I really look forward to it growing out just a bit. A bit. Please. I’m sure she’ll look gorgeous in, say, just a few inches longer. I wonder how fast Emma’s hair grows? Hurry, hurry. ^^’

Mweep. I’m gonna go bury myself somewhere now. I have lots of other, more important and interesting things I want to blog out, so I’ll get to that sometime soon, I promise. ^^’

Well… x)

August 4, 2010

Okay, so I know it sucks. The header. But it’s the best I can do, because I haven’t got the skills. XD Help? ^^’

Goodness me

August 4, 2010

I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited. Well, I say that, but of course I have. I’m always this excited and hyper and unable to sit still and be quiet and just barking mad whenever something particularly Harry Potter-ish is going on. It’s like I’m high, but without taking any dangerous stuff. High on Harry Potter. And it’s the best thing in the world. ♥

So, Harry and the Potters are coming to Sweden. To bloody Bäsna. 243 kilometres away from my little dump. Seriously. And the concert starts at nine. Goes on to eleven. I feel bad for the people living in Bäsna who aren’t HP fans. ^^’ Of course, that won’t stop me from wrocking out completely beyond reason. XD It’s as it should be, after all. And it was such a long time since I could meet a bunch of HP geeks. I really just want to get better at that. Just… be sociable, damn it. I wish I could go round the country too, but at least I’ll have the blog of the people doing that to follow.

But hey. Life’s pretty awesome right now, at least if you take into consideration how it has been lately. I’m starting school again. Feels awesome, because it means I’ll get money without the employment agency breathing down my neck and making me feel depressed and sad. Plus I’ll get better grades. That’s always a good thing. I’m also planning on, once I have some money again, to go down to the theatre and actually start doing something that involves acting, dancing and singing. About bloody time, I’d say. Two years, it has been, and I’m itching to be in the limelight again. XD

And then in September, it’s Harry Potter Experience X. It’s my eight year now. I should be a Professor rather than a Prefect, really… XD But I don’t have any robes apart from my school uniform ones, so yeah. No can do. Not that I’m complaining, really. As long as people keep telling me I look -18, what can I do? XD

Oh, alright, I admit I love it. ^^ Besides, two days ago I bought a pair of shoes that looks pretty darn close to the ones they have in the movies, so I’m gonna use them. And… I’ve only gone there as Mia one year, every other year I’ve been Hermione (I quit Hermione at my sixth year, now, isn’t that fitting…?), so it’s okay. 😛 Though DumbledoreLen still calls me “Hermione” with his pretty, British accent… which is also okay. More than okay. ^__^ But, and this is cool… I’m kinda planning on going as Harry this year. All I need is glasses and a recolouring of my hair, and then I would be set… I’m already planning on cutting my hair off a bit again, so it would fit. Plus then we could really have all three of them, since we already have another Hermione and a Ron. ;P We’ve always lacked the bravest/stupidest of the three. ^^’ Though I dunno if I would be able to fool anyone, I mean, Ron is awesome that way. ^^’ I’m just so… girly. XD I’ve never played a guy even on stage. Time to fetch ze acting skillz. x)

Heey! Two days to go until I get to wrock out! ♥

And I don’t like my blog. It lacks Harry Potter. It’s not very… personal, right now. I mean, sure it’s geeky, but no one except really hardcore Sailor Moon fans will realise that. XD Anyone out there with Photoshop skills?